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Popular Prosody: Spectacle and the Politics of Victorian Versification Jason David Hall
Nested Folders: On Birds in Digital Poetry J. R. Carpenter
From the árran to the internet: Sami storytelling in digital environments Coppélie Cocq
Coherence in text and hypertext Angelika Storrer
The impact of hypertext on processes of reading and writing Davida Charney
Des figures de manipulation dans la création numérique Serge Bouchardon
"Toward a Theory of Hypertextual Design" Kathleen Burnett
"What hypertexts can do that print narratives cannot" J. Yellowlees Douglas
Extending modernist stream-of-consciousness aesthetics: Digital variations on William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury David Thomas Henry Wright
The Computer as Improviser: Computational Text-Generation in Electronic Literature Hazel Smith
The Character Thinks Ahead: Creative Writing With Deep Learning Nets and Its Stylistic Assessment Roger Dean, Hazel Smith
The Griot and the Renku : Interactive Generative Media and Algorithmic Imagetext in the Work of D. Fox Harrell Hazel Smith
Giving Teaching Back to Education: Responding to the Disappearance of the Teacher Gert J.J. Biesta
The text and cultural politics Michael W. Apple
Multimodal Textualities: Poetic Aesthetic Digital Space. María Mencía
Pioneras digitales: Las voces encendidas de la poesía electrónica en español. María Goicoechea
Diálogos e metamorfoses na ciberliteratura portuguesa, dos anos 1960 ao presente. Rui Torres, Diogo Marques
"In the Beginning Was the Poem@": Interspecies, Robotics & Random/e-Poetry. Tina Escaja
Género, tecnología e internet en Latinoamérica: fracturas y vigencias del formato digital. Tina Escaja
Electronic fiction as a learning tool (based on "InanimateAlice" by K. Pullinger and K. Joseph) Svetlana Kuchina
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