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Readerly Freedom from the Nascent Novel to Digital Fiction: Confronting Fielding's Joseph Andrews and Burne's "24 Hours with Someone You Know" Sandrine Sorlin
"The global assemblage of digital flow: sritical data studies and the infrastructures of computing" Graham Pickren
E Unibus Pluram David Foster Wallace
Italo Calvino’s Six Memos as ethical imperative in J.R. Carpenter’s The Gathering Cloud David Thomas Henry Wright
OULIPO vs Recombinant Poetics Bill Seaman
Calvino and the Computer as Writer/Reader Jonathan Usher
Jacket Flarf feature: Introduction Gary Sullivan
Introduction: Codework Alan Sondheim
Living Letterforms: The Ecological Turn in Contemporary Digital Poetics Rita Raley
La littérature numérique entre légitimation et canonisation Alexandra Saemmer
Computing Machinery and Intelligence Alan Turing
Manifesto of Surrealism André Breton
The Law of Genre Jacques Derrida
The Origin of Genres Tzvetan Todorov, Richard M. Berrong
Presenting the The Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature Álvaro Seiça
Toying with the Parser: Aesthetic Materiality in Electronic Writing Daniel Punday
Space across Narrative Media: Towards an Archaeology of Narratology Daniel Punday
Conditions of Presence: Topological Complementarities in The Silent History David M. Meurer
Introducing Small Screen Fictions Astrid Ensslin, Lisa Swanstrom, Pawel Frelik
Exploring digital fiction as a tool for teenage body image bibliotherapy Astrid Ensslin, Lyle Skains, Sarah Riley
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