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Algorithmic Translations Rita Raley
The Art of Auto-Beatnink R.M. Worthy
Post-digital Books and Disruptive Literary Machines : Digital Literature Beyond the Gutenberg and Google Galaxies Søren Bro Pold, Christian Ulrik Andersen
Poets Take On Guess Inc.: Poets Win Joseph Tabbi
The Machine in the Text, and the Text in the Machine Manuel Portela
Present and Future of Digital Ecology: Performance of Digital Poetry in the Transitional Phases Shanmugapriya T
Uma Sensação de Ausência Presente. A metáfora de membro fantasma no contexto dos media digitais Diogo Marques
Grasp All, Lose All: Loss of Grasp and Non-Functional Digital Interfaces in Electronic Literature Diogo Marques
The Endgame or a Wake?: Tropes of Circularity in Literature Then and Now Diogo Marques
""Flows Dream / Shapes Hold": Tijdsgebondenheid, Overwriting, en Remixen in Generatieve Dichtkunst Hannah Ackermans
The New Apparatus of Influence: Material Modernism in the Digital Age James O’Sullivan
Editing the Interface: Textual Studies and First Generation Digital Objects Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
O Experimentalismo como Invenção, Transgressão e Metamorfose: A PO.EX Revisitada Através de Rui Torres, Álvaro Seiça
The CounterText Interview: Stephanie Strickland Stephanie Strickland, Mario Aquilina, Ivan Callus
Joined at the Hip: Simone Weil, Quentin Meillassoux Stephanie Strickland
Repurposing and Fitting the Pattern Christine Wilks
Narrative Affect in William Gillespie's Keyhole Factory and Morpheus: Biblionaut, or, Post-Digital Fiction for the Programming Era Eric Dean Rasmussen
Textual 'You' and double deixis in Edna O'Brien's A Pagan Place David Herman
Too Many Notes: Computers, Complexity and Culture in Voyager George Lewis
The Computational Sublime in Nick Montfort's ‘Round’ and ‘All the Names of God’ Mario Aquilina
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