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Toying with the Parser: Aesthetic Materiality in Electronic Writing Daniel Punday
Space across Narrative Media: Towards an Archaeology of Narratology Daniel Punday
Conditions of Presence: Topological Complementarities in The Silent History David M. Meurer
Introducing Small Screen Fictions Astrid Ensslin, Lisa Swanstrom, Pawel Frelik
Exploring digital fiction as a tool for teenage body image bibliotherapy Astrid Ensslin, Lyle Skains, Sarah Riley
Alternativas a la (ciencia) ficción en España: dos ejemplos de literatura electrónica en formato impreso Alex Saum-Pascual
INK: Designing for Performative Literary Interactions Søren Bro Pold, Jonas Fritsch, Melissa Lucas, Lasse Steenbock Vestergaard
Universities: Wet, Hard, Soft, and Harder Friedrich Kittler
Against Movements Dick Higgins
Crowdsourcing and literature: A report from the project “Wiersze za sto dolarów” Piotr Marecki
A World Exhilarating and Wrong: Theatrical Improvisation on the Internet Antoinette LaFarge
From Hypertext to Codework McKenzie Wark
The Aesthetic of Failure: Post-Digital Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music Kim Cascone
Between Provocation and Experiment . Technical Reports and the Ecology of Scholarly Communication in the Humanities Piotr Marecki
Renderings: Translating literary works in the digital age Piotr Marecki, Nick Montfort
Algorithmic Translations Rita Raley
The Art of Auto-Beatnink R.M. Worthy
Post-digital Books and Disruptive Literary Machines : Digital Literature Beyond the Gutenberg and Google Galaxies Søren Bro Pold, Christian Ulrik Andersen
Poets Take On Guess Inc.: Poets Win Joseph Tabbi
The Machine in the Text, and the Text in the Machine Manuel Portela
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