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All of the spaces collapsing: an interview with xtine burrough Xtine Burrough, Anna Nacher, Scott Rettberg, Søren Bro Pold
Multiple Personality Disorder als Bildschirmkombination Quadrego Roberto Simanowski
Operations of writing, Interview with Stuart Moulthrop Roberto Simanowski
Interview with Mark Bernstein Felicia L. Carr
Emotional Proximity through Inside the Distance: A Conversation with Sharon Daniel Sharon Daniel, Roderick Coover
Connections and Coincidences in The End: Death in Seven Colors: A Conversation with David Clark David Clark, Roderick Coover
Electronic Literature: Archiving, History, and Potentiality Scott Rettberg, Nicola Piras, Elisa Gorgaini
‘You Can Still Make Websites Nowadays’: A Talk with the Pioneering Internet Art Collective JODI JODI
Interview David Daniels David Daniels
Interview with Dene Grigar Lisa Swanstrom, Astrid Ensslin
Interview with Mark Marino (et al.) Astrid Ensslin, Lisa Swanstrom
Interview with Judy Malloy (Bernstein) Mark Bernstein
The Digital Autobiographic: Holes, by Graham Allen Graham Allen
Media Archeology Lab: Experimentation, Tinkering, Probing [Lori Emerson in conversation with Piotr Marecki] Piotr Marecki, Lori Emerson
The Trope Tank. The Idea of a lab in Humanities. Nick Montfort in Conversation with Piotr Marecki Piotr Marecki, Nick Montfort
Intervista con Daniela Calisi Daniela Calisi
Interview with Erik Loyer Erik Loyer
Interview with Jason Nelson Jason Nelson
Interview with Christine Wilks Christine Wilks
Interview with Judy Malloy Judy Malloy
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