MFS Modern Fiction Studies

Department of English, Purdue University
500 Oval Drive
47907-2038 West Lafayette , IN
United States
Indiana US
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Modern Fiction Studies began at Purdue University in 1955 as a publication of the Modern Fiction Club in the Department of English. Since then, it has evolved into a major journal in the field with a worldwide circulation. Mfs publishes essays on all aspects of modern and contemporary fiction welcoming theoretical perspectives; we are equally interested in work on canonical texts and work on emergent texts. Mfs publishes two general issues and two special issues each year. General issues include five or six essays and approximately forty reviews of recent books on modern fiction and theory. Special issues are devoted to announced topics and are edited either in-house or by selected guest editors. Mfs also publishes review-essays; reviews and review-essays are commissioned by the editors of the journal, though suggestions for reviews and reviewers are welcome. Mfs is published for the Purdue English Department by the Johns Hopkins University Press and is a member journal of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.

Editorial Staff

John N. Duvall, Editor
Robert P. Marzec, Associate Editor
Rebecca Nicholson-Weir, Production Manager
Paul X. Rutz, Editorial Assistant
Aaron DeRosa, Editorial Assistant

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