Completing the Circle

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Completing the Circle is a hypertext fiction about the recovery of a man known as Haller, the victim of a traffic accident in which he lost his partner. Within the narrative he also tries to get in contact with his wife, Christina. This is made difficult, however, as he is suffering from head trauma which causes problems for him when he tries to remember and understand what surrounds him.

In this creative work, users can interact and scroll through the hypertext by clicking the backspace key or by clicking one of the many links that are hidden throughout the text.  

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Haller went into the alley to smoke. There was a space in his life he couldn't account for. The chain of events was broken, and he simply couldn't remember where the broken link was. How many months had passed since he had gotten out of the hospital?

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A textual node from 'Completing the Circle' entitled 'Auto Wisdom', black text on white background.
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