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Chris Funkhouser is an Associate Professor and Director of the Communication and Media program in the Department of Humanities at New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he teaches Cybertext, Digital Poetry, Electronic Literature, and other courses. He has also taught courses at Naropa University (Creative Cannibalism, 2007) and University of Pennsylvania (Digital Poetry, 2010), where he is also a Senior Editor at PennSound. He is a digital poet and author of the documentary study Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archaeology of Forms, 1959-1995, LambdaMOO_Sessions (Writer's Forum, 2006), and an e-book (CD-ROM), Selections 2.0, which was published by the Faculty of Creative Multimedia at Multimedia University (Malaysia), where he was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar in 2006.

Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
ReRites - Raw Output / Responses (paperback) Anthology of creative work or online gallery, Book (collection) Anteism Books 2019
Combinatory and Automatic Text Generation Article or chapter in a book 2014
Early Digital Art and Writing Article or chapter in a book 2014
Report on PO.EX’70-80 Report or White Paper 2013
Alternative Avenues in Digital Poetics and Post-Literary Studies Conference panel or roundtable UnderAcademy College 2012
Aya Karpinska and Daniel C. Howe Article in an online journal Revista Laboratorio 2012
Condors' polyphony and jawed water-lines catapulted out: Gnoetry and Its Place in Text Processing's History Conference paper or presentation Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2012
Interview with Chris Funkhouser Interview 2012
New Directions in Digital Poetry Book (monograph) - print Continuum 2012
Notes on Gnoetry Daily, Volume 1 Notes and Drafts 2012
Notes on the Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008 (for Rain Taxi review) Notes and Drafts 2012
Players Only Love You When They’re Playin': Community as Algorithm in Programmable Poetics Conference paper or presentation, Exhibition Catalog 2012
Review of Digital Art and Meaning: Reading Kinetic Poetry, Text Machines, Mapping Art, and Interactive Installations, by Chris Funkhouser Article in an online journal, Review Rain Taxi 2012
Bearing the Fruits of E-­Poetry: A Personal Decennial View Conference paper or presentation 2011
From capacity to truncation: What can happens in 30 seconds of digital poetry Conference paper or presentation 2010
Cannibalistic Tendencies in Digital Poetry: Recent Observations & Personal Practices Conference paper or presentation 2009
Encapsulating E-Poetry 2009: Some Views on Contemporary Digital Poetry Event review or trip report Dichtung Digital 2009
Kissing the Steak: The Poetry of Text Generators Article or chapter in a book, Conference paper or presentation Continuum 2009
Digital Poetry: A Look at Generative, Visual, and Interconnected Possibilities in its First Four Decades Article or chapter in a book Blackwell Publishing 2007
Le(s) Mange Texte(s): Creative Cannibalism and Digital Poetry Conference paper or presentation 2007


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Cityman Story Pedro Barbosa 1996

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