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Electronic Literature Collection, Volume Four
ReRites - Raw Output / Responses (paperback) David Jhave Johnston, Stephanie Strickland, Kyle Booten, Mairead Byrne, John Cayley, Johanna Drucker, Lai-Tze Fan, Chris Funkhouser, Nick Montfort, Allison Parrish
Ghosts in the Machine: The Personal Rational on the Fringes of Digital Literature Erik K Rzepka
Treatise on Vegetable Logic: Technical Edges for History’s Illiterate Erik K Rzepka
Erik Zepka (Independent Artist) Erik K Rzepka
The Birth of the Algorithmic Author: NLG Systems as Tools and Agents Leah Henrickson
Anti-Social Media and Socially Engaged E-Lit Davin Heckman
Private Screening Ian Hatcher
Suspended: a small-town, zero tolerance story in survey form Evan Harris
The Thing That Is What a Circle Is David Hall
Coping with Bits, Part 2 Dene Grigar, Leonardo L. Flores, Nicholas Schiller
An interdisciplinary project for and with visually impaired persons Franci Greyling
Mimicking synthetic speech in vocal performances Monika Górska Olesińska
E-Lit on the Periphery of Mainstream Media Jordan Glendenning, Isabel Vincent, Kate Stuart
Amore di plastica: A survey on digital publishing in Italy Daniele Giampà
WordHack Anthology: 2014-2019 Todd Anderson
Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digital en Español María Goicoechea, Laura Sánchez Gómez
Mail Art and Ephemera Ray Johnson
bpNichol’s ‘First Screening’ - Introduction Jim Andrews, Geof Huth, Lionel Kearns, Marko Niemi, Dan Waber
The Sounds of the Artificial Intelligentsia Mark Amerika
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