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How People Connect, Presentation of Commodore 64 BASIC programming Piotr Marecki, Erik Stayton
Data Visualization Poetics María Mencía
"'Till Algebra is Easier —': Elements of Computation in the Poems of Emily Dickinson Angus Forbes
Gateway to the World María Mencía
Interview with Andy Campbell Andy Campbell
Introduction to Animation using the Processing Programming Language
Interview with Michael J. Maguire Michael J. Maguire
Arte Digital: Pixel, Algoritmo, Código, Programação e Dados Álvaro Seiça
Reading, Writing, and Programming E-­Lit, Part 3
Reading, Writing, and Programming E-­Lit, Parts 1 and 2
Reading the Drones: Working Towards a Critical Tradition of Interactive Poetry Generation Calum Rodger
Transdução: Processos de Transferência na Literatura e Arte Digitais Álvaro Seiça
Intersecting Approaches to Electronic Literature: Close-Reading Code, Content, and Cartographies in “William Poundstone’s “Project for the Tachistoscope: [Bottomless Pit]” Jessica Pressman, Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino
Mining the Arteroids Development Folder Leonardo L. Flores
Writing the World: Toward a Systems Approach to E-Writing Jim Carpenter
Literary Programming (In the Age of Digital Transliteration) John Cayley
"a crisis in se_Mantics: gendered symbols and notion" in computer graphics imaging Claudia Herbst
Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 Aaron A. Reed
I, Apparatus, You: A Technosocial Introduction to Creative Practice Jenny Weight
A Response to Nick Montfort's "Programming for Fun, Together" Scott Rettberg
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