Deikto: A Language For Interactive Storytelling

Abstract (in English): 

Chris Crawford walks through Deikto, an interactive storytelling language that "reduce[s] artistic fundamentals to even smaller fundamentals, those of the computer: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division."

The source is the essay-review on written by Chris Crawford

Pull Quotes: 

"The personal computer has been with us for twenty-five years now, and it has revolutionized the world around us. But in the arts, the computer has yet to approach its potential."

"Yes, the computer has dramatically changed the execution of ecisting artistic fields (...). These, however, are matters of applying the computer as a tool rather than exploiting it as a medium of expression."

"Yes, many artists have attempted to express themselves directly through the computer, but their efforts, while laudable extensions of existing artistic media, do not begin to use the computer as a medium in its own right."

All quotes were directly rewritten from the essay.

A Language For Interactive Storytelling
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