Calum Rodger

United Kingdom
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Calum graduated in English Literature with First Class Honours from the University of Glasgow in 2007. He returned in 2010 to complete an MLitt in Modernities before beginning his PhD in Scottish Literature the following year. He is interested primarily in formal experimentation and innovation in modern and postmodern poetry, having written on concrete poetry, Dada, the Beats, Flarf, conceptual writing, and digital poetics, among others. His work informs a creative practice that encompasses blogging (All Real Culture is Free), regular live readings (THE VERSE HEARSE, with Stewart Sanderson), stand-up comedy (Bright Club), poetry-game workshops and, more recently, experimenting with generative poetry in a (post)dramatic context (‘Fire Into Song’ with Cara Berger at Arches LIVE 2012).


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Calum Rodger
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