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Follow the Pathfinders: a Case Study Approach to Production, Use, and Readership on Scalar Hannah Ackermans
Genre-bending on an Academic Platform: Three Creative Works on Scalar Hannah Ackermans
Amore di plastica: A survey on digital publishing in Italy Daniele Giampà
Multimodality and Narrative Themes in Digital Literature: A Social Semiotic Multimodal Analysis of Megan Heyward’s of day, of night Bimbola Oluwafunlola Idowu-Faith
The Book of Hours Lucy English
Multimodal Editing and Archival Performance: A Diagrammatic Essay on Transcoding Experimental Literature Manuel Portela
Reconfiguração do conhecimento no espaço hipermediático. Análise e avaliação de cinco arquivos digitais Diogo Gomes
Multimodality: A Social Semiotic Approach to Contemporary Communication Gunther Kress
La littératie médiatique multimodale. De nouvelles approches en lecture-écriture à l'école et hors de l'école Nathalie Lacelle, Monique Lebrun, Jean-François Boutin
"Learn to taste the tea on both sides": AR, Digital Ekphrasis, and a Future for Electronic Literature Robert Fletcher
Motions in Digital Young Adult Literature Ayoe Quist Henkel
(Electronic) Literature and the (Post)human Condition Kent Aardse
A Humument app by Tom Phillips as a work of liberature: between text and embodiment Anna Nacher
Tekstspill i hypertekst. Koherensopplevelse og sjangergjenkjennelse i lesing av multimodale hyperfiksjoner Hans Kristian Rustad
Hypertext and Ethnographic Representation: A Case Study Rulon Matley Wood
Analysis of Fitting the Pattern Yolanda de Gregorio Robledo
Love is in the air (first performance) Sonja Thomsen
Multimedia Criticism Eric Dean Rasmussen
Bridging Intertextuality and Intermediality from a Cultural and Literary Perspective Asunción López-Varela Azcárate
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