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Hans K Rustad
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Hans Kristian Rustad completed his PhD thesis in 2008 in Scandinavian Literature, entitled “Textplay in hypertext”, where he approached electronic literature from an aesthetic reception-theoretical point of view. Currently he is teaching digital aesthetics and semiotics at Hedmark University College in Hamar.

Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
Diktet i den digitale støpeskjeen Conference paper or presentation 2019
From Theorizing to Analyzing Digital Fiction Article or chapter in a book Routledge 2014
A Short History of Electronic Literature and Communities in the Nordic Countries Article in an online journal Dichtung Digital 2012
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A [S]creed for Digital Fiction Article in an online journal Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2010
Når litteratur går fra papir til skjerm Article or chapter in a book Cappelen Damm Høyskoleforlaget 2010
Nordic electronic literature. Tradition, Archiving, and Cultural Valuation Article in a print journal SPIEL (Siegener Periodicum zur Internationalen Empirischen Literaturwissenschaft), Peter Lang 2010
Scandinavian Electronic Literature and Communities Conference paper or presentation 2010
A Four-Sided Model for Reading Hypertext Fiction Article in an online journal Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures 2009
Elektronisk litteratur i Norden Article in a print journal K & K: kultur og klasse: kritik og kulturanalyse 2008
Played by Hyperfiction. Modes of Reading Megan Heyward's "Of Day, of Night" Conference paper or presentation 2008
Semantisation, Exploration, Self-reflection and Absorption: Our Modes of Reading Hypertext Fiction Conference paper or presentation 2008
Svar fra doktoranden (Hans Kristian Rustad) Article in a print journal Edda: Nordisk tidsskrift for litteraturforskning 2008
Tekstspill i hypertekst. Koherensopplevelse og sjangergjenkjennelse i lesing av multimodale hyperfiksjoner Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print 2008

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