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This publication type comprises Ph.D. dissertations and other doctoral dissertations.

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Per una storia della letteratura elettronica italiana Roberta Iadevaia
Literatura electrónica en español: planteamientos estéticos de la conectividad Laura Sánchez Gómez
Pivoting the Player. A Methodological Toolkit for the Player Character Research in Offline Role-Playing Games Sonia Fizek
Renaissance mnemonics, poststructuralism, and the rhetoric of hypertext composition Richard Smyth
Writing games: Collaborative Writing in Digital-Ludic Spaces Nicole Emmelhainz
From Networked Art to Programmed Drifts Karen O'Rourke
Digging Digital Long Grass: Creative path finding in our era of digital and electronic literature Michael J. Maguire
Reading Digital Poetry. Interface, Interaction, and Interpretation Matti Kangaskoski
Digitizing the Novel, 1987-2010 Bradley Joseph Reina
From Corporeality to Virtual Reality: Theorizing Literacy, Bodies, and Technology in the Emerging Media of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities Susanne Brenta Blevins
Textual entanglements: a performative approach towards digital literature Richard A. Carter
Digital Storytelling in Spanish: Narrative Techniques and Approaches Julio Alejandro Perez
Curating Simulated Storyworlds James Ryan
Generating Narrative in an Interactive Fiction Game John L Jacko
/anode a/node an/ode: Poems and an Essay on Teaching Digital Creative Writing Chris S. Carrier
Changeful Tales: Design-Driven Approaches Toward More Expressive Storygames Aaron A. Reed
The broken poem: Ephemerality, glitch and de-performance in digital (and non-digital) poetry Aaron Angello
The story, the touchscreen and the child: how narrative apps tell stories Yan Zheng
"Literature," Progress, and Monsters: What is Electronic Literature? Mary L. Godwin
Experimental Poetics of the Asian Diaspora: Readings in Meatspace and Cyberspace Sunny S.Y. Chan
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