Recombinant Poetics: Emergent Meaning as Examined and Explored Within a Specific Generative Virtual Environment

Abstract (in English): 

This research derives from a survey of primary and secondary literature and my practice
as a professional artist using electronic information delivery systems. The research has
informed the creation of an interactive art work, authored so that emergent meaning can
be examined and explored within a specific generative virtual environment by a variety of
participants. It addresses a series of questions concerning relationships between the
artist, the art work and the viewer/user. The mutable nature of this computer-based space
raises many questions concerning meaning production, i.e., how might such a technopoetic
mechanism relate to past practices in the arts, and in particular how might its use
affect our understanding of theories of meaning? If the outcome of this part of the
research suggests a radical transformation in meaning production as dynamically
encountered through interactivity with a generative work of art, then how might the
construction of this device inform a new field of practice?
The scope of the topic and the secondary questions that flow from the initial speculation
focus on the inter-conveyance of text (both spoken and written), image (both still and
time-based) and music, as encountered by participants through interactive engagement
within an authored and inter-authored virtual environment. The method has been to
extend the realm of a series of theoretical positions relative to these areas as they appear
in the mainstream literatures on art and interactivity, meaning and understanding. A
virtual interactive art work has been developed in parallel to the literature survey and
exhibited in Europe and Japan. The conclusions have been drawn by the author on the
basis of a series of theoretical positions that examine the operative nature of an art work
which is intended to generate emergent meaning. Future research is also discussed that
seeks to extend our understanding and use of generative virtual environments.

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Johannah Rodgers