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This publication type comprises Ph.D. dissertations and other doctoral dissertations.

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Reading Digits – Haptic Reading Processes in the Experience of Digital Literary Works Diogo Marques
Beyond Oral/Digital: Ghanaian Electronic Literature as a Paradigm for African Digital Textuality Kwabena Opoku-­Agyemang
From Dada to Digital: Experimental Poetry in the Media Age Kurt Beals
Network Narrative: Prose Narrative Fiction and Participatory Cultural Production in Digital Information and Communication Networks David M. Meurer
Imersão e Interactividade na Ficção Digital Daniela Côrtes Maduro
Recombinant Poetics: Emergent Meaning as Examined and Explored Within a Specific Generative Virtual Environment Bill Seaman
The Ballad of the Internet Nutball: Chaining Rhetorical Visions from the Margins of the Margins to the Mainstream in the Xenaverse Christine Boese
Cybertext Poetry: Effects of Digital Media on the Creation of Poetic Literature Chris Funkhouser
Immersion and Interactivity in Digital Fiction Daniela Côrtes Maduro
Writing Coastlines: Locating Narrative Resonance in Transatlantic Communications Networks J. R. Carpenter
Hipermedismo, narrativa para la virtualidad Domenico Chiappe
Between Floors: The Ups and Downs of Mediated Narrative Melinda White
The Tribulations of Adventure Games: Integrating Story into Simulation Through Performance Clara Fernández-Vara
Digitally implemented interactive fiction: A systematic development and validation of Mole, P.I., a multimedia adventure for third grade readers Denise Haunstetter
Incremental Storytelling and Calypsis: A Hypertext Fiction a Critical Introduction William Trent Hergenrader
Ex libris: medierealistik litteratur, Paris, Los Angeles & cyberspace (PhD) Søren Bro Pold
A Leitura em Ambiente Digital: Transliteracias da Comunicação Fernanda Bonacho
The Rematerialization of Poetry: From the Bookbound to the Digital Lori Emerson
Minstrel: a computer model of creativity and storytelling Scott R. Turner
Concrete poetry as a test case for a nominalistic semiotics of verbal art Eric Vos
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