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This publication type comprises Ph.D. dissertations and other doctoral dissertations.

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Digital Poesi. Æstetisk Analyse og det Mediales Rolle i Kunstværkers Kommunikation Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen
“I think, therefore I connect”. Database, connessionismo ed esopoiesi nel romanzo anglo-americano (1995-2011) Ugo Panzani
Literatur auf dem Rechner Thomas Kamphusmann
What you click is what you get? - Die Stellung von Autoren und Lesern in interaktiver digitaler Literatur Anja Rau
Písanie v interaktívnych médiách. Digitálna fikcia /Writing in the Interactive Media. Digital Fiction Zuzana Husárová
Tekstspill i hypertekst. Koherensopplevelse og sjangergjenkjennelse i lesing av multimodale hyperfiksjoner Hans Kristian Rustad
Textopia: Experiments with Locative Literature Anders Sundnes Løvlie
Towards a Poetics of Virtual Worlds. Multiuser Textuality and the Emergence of Story Lisbeth Klastrup
Towards Cinematic Hypertext : A theoretical and Empirical Investigation Clara Mancini
Hypertext and Ethnographic Representation: A Case Study Rulon Matley Wood
Szellem a gépben. A hypertext Zoltán Szűts
The Gothic in Contemporary Interactive Fictions Van Leavenworth
A homecoming festival : the application of the dialogic concepts of addressivity and the awareness of participation to an aesthetic of computer-mediated textual art Gavin Stewart
Poetic Machines: an investigation into the impact of the characteristics of the digital apparatus on poetic expression Jeneen Naji
Interactive Fiction: The Computer Storygame 'Adventure' Mary Ann Buckles
Theory and technology for computational narrative: an approach to generative and interactive narrative with bases in algebraic semiotics and cognitive linguistics D. Fox Harrell
I, Chatbot: The Gender and Race Performativity of Conversational Agents Mark C. Marino
From page to screen: placing hypertext fiction in an historical and contemporary context of print and electronic literary experiments Martina E. Linnemann
Repetition and Recombination: Reading Network Fiction David Ciccoricco
Techno-historical Limits of the Interface: The Performance of Interactive Narrative Experiences Andrew Hutchison
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