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Splatter Semiotics / Semiotics of Splatter Alan Sondheim
Multimodality: A Social Semiotic Approach to Contemporary Communication Gunther Kress
Gestural Semiotics and App Fiction Astrid Ensslin
Notes Towards a Semiotics of Kinetic Typography Theo van Leeuwen, Emilia Djonov
From The Unknown to Piksel Zdrój: Collaboration in E-literature: Models, Newcomers, Predictions Mariusz Pisarski
Entrevista a Pedro Barbosa Pedro Barbosa
Musico-literary miscegenations: relationships between words and sound in new media writing Hazel Smith
Disguised Tales: A Masqueraded Complexity in Children's Electronic Literature Lucas Ramada Prieto
Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Blueberries by Susan Gibb Maya Zalbidea Paniagua
Analyzing Digital Fiction
Approche du rôle de la mémoire dans la conception et la réception de quelques oeuvres en littérature numérique Philippe Bootz
Reader/Readers Philippe Bootz
“Som å lese en film”: Elevers lesing av elektronisk litteratur Pål Fredrik Børresen
Editing Electronic Literature in the Global Publishing System Sandy Baldwin, Tiffany Zerby
The Materiality of the Intangible: Literary Metaphor in Multimodal Texts Lyle Skains
Estudios en Intermedialidad como Mediación Intercultural (Studies on Intermediality and Intercultural Mediation)
Reading and Teaching Gender Issues in Electronic Literature and New Media Art Maya Zalbidea Paniagua
BEAST Jacques Servin
Le récit littéraire interactif. Narrativité et interactivité Serge Bouchardon
Matter of Time: Toward a Materialist Semiotics of Web Animation John David Zuern
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