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Raum, Raumsprache und Sprachräume: Zur Textsemiotik der Raumbeschreibung Karin Wenz
Raum, Raumsprache und Sprachräume Karin Wenz
Formalisation d’un modèle fonctionnel de communication à l’aide des technologies numériques appliqué à la création poétique Philippe Bootz
Closer again! Alexandra Saemmer
Reclaiming the 'Golden Age': The Second Person in Digital Fiction Astrid Ensslin, Alice Bell
The Heuristic Value of Electronic Literature Serge Bouchardon
Semiotic Poetry Alexandre Gherban
Textuality and Graphic Novels: Identity, Influence and Adaptation in V for Vendetta and Beyond Kristine Trever
Electronic Poetry: Understanding Poetry in the Digital Environment Giovanna Di Rosario
Hypertext Syntagmas: Cinematic Narration with Links Adrian Miles
Writing with Images: Toward a Semiotics of the Web George L. Dillon
Gestural Manipulation and Digital Poetics Serge Bouchardon
New Media Textuality and Semiotics Teo Spiller
Reflections on the iconicity of digital texts Alexandra Saemmer
Dissonance in Multi-Semiotic Landscapes in the Work Of Donna Leishman Donna Leishman
Digital Literature—A Question of Style Alexandra Saemmer
De la confirmation à la subversion: Les figures d’animation face aux conventions du discours numérique Alexandra Saemmer
Aesthetics of Surface, Ephemeral and Re-Enchantment in Digital Literature: How Authors and Readers Deal with the Lability of the Electronic Device Alexandra Saemmer
Media Transatlantic: Media Theory in North America and German-Speaking Europe
Semantic Disturbances Andreas Maria Jacobs
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