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Founder and editor of Techsty - the only journal in Poland devoted exclusively to electronic literature (since 2002). Consultant and producer of several Polish e-lit works, translator of hypertext fictions by Judy Malloy, Stuart Moulthrop and Mark Amerika. Promotes electronic literature in popular press, literary circles and on the academic field. His PhD on hypertext (final stages) is an effort to bound the roots of contemporary poetics with medium specific qualities of network environments. In other words: "Roman Jakobson meets Espen Aarseth". The task in question is still much needed, after over simplifications of the nineties hypertext debate.

Works by this author:

Work title Publication Type Year
Oko na Donbas Published on the Web (individual site) 2016

Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
A Sucker in Spades––Hardboiled Text Game of Robert DiChiara 2021
Hypertext Lake: Carolyn Guyer’s Quibbling or Lessons in Hypertext Reading Article or chapter in a book 2021
Hypertext Town: Marble Springs by Deena Larsen Article or chapter in a book 2021
On the “Effect(s) of Living Backwards”: A Platform-critical, Collaborative Analysis of Kathryn Cramer’s In Small and Large Pieces Conference panel or roundtable 2021
Reformers vs Capitalists: Hypertext and Simulation in The Election of 1912 Article or chapter in a book 2021
Twilight, A Symphony: The Great Lost Work of Michael Joyce Article or chapter in a book 2021
Under the Parable. Hypertext and Trauma in Genetis: A Rhizography Article or chapter in a book 2021
From The Unknown to Piksel Zdrój: Collaboration in E-literature: Models, Newcomers, Predictions Conference panel or roundtable 2015
Remiksy, remediacje, redefinicje Article in an online journal, Review Techsty: Literatura i nowe media 2013
On Polish Translation of Sea and Spar Between Conference paper or presentation 2013
Raport e-Poetry 2013 (Londyn) Event review or trip report Techsty: Literatura i nowe media 2013
From Storyspace to Browsers: Translating afternoon, a story into Polish and XML Conference paper or presentation 2012
From The Dictionary of Digital Literature Genres Article or chapter in a book 2012
Kybertext je viac než „kyber“ Article or chapter in a book 2012
Say it With a Film-Poem. On Katarzyna Giełżyńska’s C()n Du It Article or chapter in a book 2012
Analiza i wartościowanie dzieła literatury cyfrowej Article or chapter in a book 2011
New Plots for Hypertext?: Towards a Poetics of the Hypertext Node Conference paper or presentation 2011
Hypertext and bigos: On esthetic categories of modern and post-modern Polish fiction that may help us describe electronic literature in yet another way Conference paper or presentation 2008
Polish Impact Book (collection) Korporacja Ha!art
Storyspace Estranged: Kathy Mac’s Unnatural Habitats Article or chapter in a book

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Mariusz Pisarski
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