"Of Dolls and Monsters": An Interview with Shelley Jackson

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When I first started writing hypertext I discovered that the link was not neutral, but was itself a kind of argument, one that I should not duplicate in my prose. I had to learn to allow the link to make points that I would formerly have spelled out in words.

In a multimedia piece images also begin to do part of the "writing"--though it would make as much sense to say writing does some of the imagining.

...when you allow syntax to fracture, when you flaunt the bits you've cribbed from other books and let them clash with other bits, when you create unresolvable ambiguities or multiple solutions--the reader can't help feeling piqued and disoriented.

Email is so sexy that one might fear it would replace sex itself were it not for the fact that it has led to so much of it!

People who fear the "inhuman" in technology should trust their imaginations a little more.

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