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Reading Digits – Haptic Reading Processes in the Experience of Digital Literary Works Diogo Marques
How to Avoid Being Paranoid Melissa Gregg
Blind Hope: A Review of Gregg and Seigworth's The Affect Theory Reader Julie Reiser
Narrative Affect in William Gillespie's Keyhole Factory and Morpheus: Biblionaut, or, Post-Digital Fiction for the Programming Era Eric Dean Rasmussen
Toward Understanding Real-World Social Impacts of Avatars D. Fox Harrell, Dominic Kao, Chong-U Lim
Narrative, Affect and Materialist Aesthetics in Post-Digital Technotexts Eric Dean Rasmussen
Becoming Digital J. R. Carpenter
Toward. Some. Air.
Approaching the Real: Materiality in Digital Literature Yra van Dijk
Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation Brian Massumi
Growing Intimate With Monsters: Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl and the Gothic Nature of Hypertext Christopher Keep
Making Sense: aspects of the literary in electronic environments Maria Angel, Anna Gibbs
Hors-Categorie: An Embodied, Affective Approach to Interactive Fiction David Benin
Cicatrix: Pain, Sex, and Dying in E-Literature Sandy Baldwin, Maria Damon, Alan Sondheim
Sound Rites: Relationships Between Words and Sound in New Media Writing Hazel Smith
Office Diva Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape
Primal Affective Ground and Digital Poetry David Jhave Johnston
Literal Art John Cayley
Third Hand Plays: The Comedy of Subjection Brian Kim Stefans
Involvement, Interruption, and Inevitability: Melancholy as an Aesthetic Principle in Game Narratives Daniel Punday
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