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Digital Fiction and the Unnatural Astrid Ensslin, Alice Bell 2021 Book (monograph) English unnatural narrative, digital fiction, postclassical narratology
Between Screen and Skin: “Touchy” Subjects, Precarious Identities, and Electronic Literature as Haptic Media Chloe Anna Milligan 2018 Conference paper or presentation Strategies of Embodiment English critical writing, presentation, talk, mind the gap, ELO, ELO 2018, conference, hegemonic cultures, electronic media, user, interfaces, social conditions, art and technology, technologies, interface design
Bodies in E-Lit Astrid Ensslin, Carla Rice, Sarah Riley, Christine Wilks, Megan Perram, Hannah Fowlie, Lauren Munro, K. Alysse Bailey 2020 Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities: Contexts, Forms, and Practices
The Origins of Electronic Literature: An Overview Giovanna Di Rosario, Nohelia Meza 2020 Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities: Contexts, Forms, and Practices
Salon September 14, 2021: Making Digital Glamour: Queer Femme Internet Aesthetics Katie Schaag 2021 English queer, femme, femininity, net art, internet aesthetics, web 1.0, gender, sexuality, design, usability, glitter gif, gif
Salon August 10, 2021: Coding Coding Coding Deena Larsen 2021 English software, design, collaboration
Games Authors Play Peter Hutchinson 1983 Book (monograph) English
Auctor Ludens: Essays on Play in Literature Gerald Guinness, Andrew Hurley 1986 Book (collection) pataphysics, Collected essays
Story Logic David Herman 2002 Book (monograph) English literary criticism, analysis
From Diversion to Subversion: Games, Play, and Twentieth-century Art David Getsy 2011 Book (collection) English surrealism, art history, modern, contemporary, art theory, criticism
The Meaning and Culture of Grand Theft Auto: Critical Essays Nate Garrelts 2006 Book (collection) English game analysis, Collected essays
Pivoting the Player. A Methodological Toolkit for the Player Character Research in Offline Role-Playing Games Sonia Fizek 2012 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) English
Game Cultures: Computer Games as New Media Jon Dovey, Helen Kennedy 2006 Book (monograph) English concept, game studies, cultural study, media studies, computer games, media consumption
Alarmingly These Are Not Lovesick Zombies: well, they aren’t (I think) Earnest Cavalli 2007 Review English
Dissemination Jacques Derrida 1983 Book (monograph) English literary criticism, aesthetics, critical theory
Writing and Difference Jacques Derrida 1967 Book (collection) French, lectures, essays
Canonizing Hypertext: Explorations and Constructions Astrid Ensslin 2007 Book (monograph) English teaching, hypertext, pedagogy, electronic literature, hypertext fiction, hypertext literature, canonicity, literary competence
Verschiebungen und Transformationen Mark Amerikas "Grammatron" Karin Wenz 1997 Article in an online journal German
Siren shapes: exploratory and constructive hypertext Michael Joyce 1988 Article (other medium) English hypertext, media, exploratory
Stitch Bitch: the Patchwork Girl Shelley Jackson 1998 Article in a print journal English hypertext, reading, hypertext fiction, interpretation, writing
Coherence in text and hypertext Angelika Storrer 2002 Article in a print journal English hypertext, coherence, text linguistics, hyperfiction
Word Perfect: Literacy In The Computer Age Myron C. Tuman 1992 Book (monograph) English literacy, critical reading, hypermedia, computers
Cyberreader Victor J Vitanza 2001 Book (monograph) English hypertext, cyberpunk, moo, MUD, AR, cyberspace
Texture, topology, collage, and biology in Patchwork Girl Jason Williams 1999 Review English hypertext, Patchwork Girl, comment, review
Lost in hypertext? Autorkonzepte und neue Medien Simone Winko 1999 Article or chapter in a book German
Literary hypertext in the foreign language classroom: a case study report Astrid Ensslin 2006 Article in an online journal English literary hypertext, hypertext, case study
Reconstructing the deconstructed: hypertext and literary education Astrid Ensslin 2004 Article in an online journal creative writing, educational constructivism, learner empowerment, literary hypertext, poststructuralism
"Lost in hyperspace": cognitive mapping and navigation in a hypertext environment Deborah M Edwards, Lynda Hardman 1989 Article or chapter in a book English hypertext, cognitive mapping, navigation
A learning support environment: the Hitch- Hiker’s Guide Lesley Allinson, Nick Hammond 1999 Article or chapter in a book English hypertext, learning, LSE, Learning Support Environments
Hypertext 3.0: Critical Theory and New Media in an Era of Globalization George P. Landow 2006 Book (monograph) English hypertext criticism, critical theory, new media technologies, globalization era
Super-Scroll-Back: B Uwe Wirth 2000 Article in an online journal German
Computer games as literature Don Zancanella, Leslie Hall, Penny Pence 2000 Article or chapter in a book English
Literacy Online: The Promise (and Peril) of Reading (and Writing) with Computers 1992 English
Rebooting Electronic Literature: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media Volume 2 Dene Grigar, Nicholas Schiller, Holly Slocum, Moneca Roath, Kathleen Zoller, Mariah Gwin, Andrew Nevue 2019 Book (collection) English Live Stream Traversal, hypertext, pre-web, literary games, digital preservation, OER, Scalar
The Textual Condition Jerome McGann 1991 Book (monograph) English modern literary criticism, born-digital, born-digital poetics, poetic textuality, social anthropology, Study of textuality
Pre-web Digital Publishing and the Lore of Electronic Literature Astrid Ensslin 2021 Book (monograph) English Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext
Cybertext Poetics: The Critical Landscape of New Media Literary Theory Markku Eskelinen 2012 Book (monograph)
Literary Theory: An Introduction Terry Eagleton 1983 Book (monograph)
An Exploration of Cheating in a Virtual Gaming World Delia D. Dumitrica 2011 Article in an online journal article, journal, gaming, virtual worlds
Navigating Nowhere/Hypertext Infrawhere Jim Rosenberg 1994 Article in an online journal, Article on the author's website English hypertext, structure, polylinearity
To the Moon Review Anthony Gallegos Review English
Traversals: The Use of Preservation for Early Electronic Writing Stuart Moulthrop, Dene Grigar 2017 Book (monograph) English documentation, preservation, hypertext, early electronic literature, platforms, deep reading, hypercard, Storyspace
Electronic Literature Scott Rettberg 2014 Article or chapter in a book The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media English electronic literature, history, terminology, hypertext, cybertext, Electronic Literature Organization
Simians. Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature. Donna Haraway 1991 English nature, culture, essays, technology, feminism, cyborg
Multiple Personality Disorder als Bildschirmkombination Quadrego Roberto Simanowski 2001 Article in an online journal German interview
Operations of writing, Interview with Stuart Moulthrop Roberto Simanowski 2000 Article in an online journal English interview
Othermindedness: the Emergence of Network Culture Michael Joyce 2000 Book (collection) English critical debates, Global Networks, algorithmic culture, creative digital humanities
Bookishness: Loving Books in a Digital Age Jessica Pressman 2020 Book (monograph) English
Das Epos der Maschine Interview mit Urs Schreiber Roberto Simanowski 2000 Article in an online journal German
Michael Joyce: Twilight, a Symphony Susana Pajares Tosca 1999 Article in an online journal English book review