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Title Author Year Publication Type Appears in Language Tags
The Interface Effect Alexander R. Galloway 2012 Book (monograph) English interface, mediation, pragmatics, philosophy
E-literature for Children: Enhancing Digital Literacy Learning Len Unsworth 2005 Book (monograph) English children's literature, educational
Artificial Reality Myron Krueger 1983 Interview English artificial reality, virtual reality, embodiment
Uniwersytet Szczeciński: Rozprawy i studia
Videogames for Humans: Twine Authors in Conversation Merritt Kopas 2015 Book (monograph) English videogame, twine
中国网络文学二十年 (Twenty Years of Chinese Network Literature 1998-2018) Ouyang Youquan 2018 Book (monograph) Chinese chinese e-lit, china, electronic literature, history
New Literary Hybrids in the Age of Multimedia Expression: Crossing borders, crossing genres Marcel Cornis-Pope 2014 Book (monograph) English
Comparative history of literature in European languages
Exploring Artificial Intelligence on Your Spectrum + and Spectrum Tim Hartnell 1984 Book (monograph) English spectrum, BASIC, aleatory poetry, Hanshan, computer games
Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression Jacques Derrida 1998 Book (monograph) English archive, deconstruction, Freud, psychoanalysis
Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities Nick Montfort 2016 Book (monograph) English exploratory programming, code, computational poetry, Python, Processing, free software, cultural critique
Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture Alexander R. Galloway 2010 Book (monograph) English video games, cultural landscape, cultural influence, visuality, conceptual, algorithmic culture, realism, allegory, avant-garde, actions, software, network lags, cheats, hacks, digital age
Aesthetic Animism: Digital Poetry's Ontological Implications David Jhave Johnston 2016 Book (monograph) English digital poetry, computer poetry, poetry and technology, history and criticism, ontology, poetry, TAV, tavit
The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft Anne Friedberg 2006 Book (monograph) English visual aesthetics, visual art, art and technology, digital media
La littératie médiatique multimodale. De nouvelles approches en lecture-écriture à l'école et hors de l'école Nathalie Lacelle, Monique Lebrun, Jean-François Boutin 2012 Book (monograph) French multimodal analysis, multimodality
Playing the Text, Performing the Future: Future Narratives in Print and Digiture Felicitas Meifert-Menhard 2013 Book (monograph) English narrative structure, future narratives, constraints, potentiality, process, combinatorial, hypertext, interactive fiction, alternative reality games, simulation
Narrating Futures
Irresponsible mediums: the chess games of Marcel Duchamps Aaron Tucker 2017 Book (monograph) English
Virtual Weaponry The Militarized Internet in Hollywood War Films Aaron Tucker 2018 Book (monograph) English film theory, war films
#WomenTechLit 2017 Book (monograph) English women, Female authors, new media art, feminist discourse, close reading, close-distant-located reading, #WomenTechLit
Animal, Vegetable, Digital: Experiments in New Media Aesthetics and Environmental Poetics Lisa Swanstrom 2016 Book (monograph) English environmental poetics, new media, digital art, games, close reading, coding, collapsing, corresponding, conserving
Digital Humanities: Knowledge and Critique in a Digital Age David M. Berry, Anders Fagerjord 2019 Book (monograph) English digital humanities, theory, discipline
Mediated Memories in the Digital Age José van Dijck 2007 Book (monograph) English photos, digital photography, memory, Blogs, cultural memory
Gramophone, Film, Typewriter Friedrich Kittler 2006 Book (monograph) English media, history, discourse networks, media theory, media archaeology, gramophone, film, typewriter
Plain Text. The Poetics of Computation Dennis Tenen 2017 Book (monograph) English human-computer interaction, information theory
Novissima verba: huellas digitales / electrónicas / cibernéticas en la poesía latinoamericana Luis Correa-Díaz 2019 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) digital poetry, Latin American Electronic Literature
Optische Poesie: Von den prähistorischen Schriftzeichen bis zu den digitalen Experimenten der Gegenwart Klaus Peter Dencker 2011 Book (monograph) German optical poetry, kinetic poetry, experimental poetry, visual poetry, concrete poetry, digital poetry, media theory
Ghostlier Demarcations: Modern Poetry and the Material World Michael Davidson 1997 Book (monograph) English modernism, materiality, materiality of literature, american contemporary literature, hauntology
Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays Northrop Frye 2020 Book (monograph) English modes, genres, symbols, myths
Princeton classics
Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace Lawrence Lessig 2000 Book (monograph) English code, law, copyright, regulation
Digital Modernism: Making it New in New Media Jessica Pressman 2014 Book (monograph) English modernism, antecedents, media, close reading
The End of Books--Or Books Without End: Reading Interactive Narratives J. Yellowlees Douglas 2003 Book (monograph) English closure, hypertext fiction, interactive, reader, choice, narrative, theory, interpretation
Traversals: The Use of Preservation for Early Electronic Writing Stuart Moulthrop, Dene Grigar 2017 Book (monograph) English documentation, preservation, hypertext, early electronic literature, platforms, deep reading, hypercard, Storyspace
Narrative as Virtual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media Marie-Laure Ryan 2015 Book (monograph) English narratology, immersion, virtual reality, interactive narrative, print antecedents
Networks without a cause: A critique of social media Geert Lovink 2013 Book (monograph) English
The Twentieth Century Performance Reader 2020 Book (monograph) English performance art, art studies
Literatur auf dem Rechner Thomas Kamphusmann 2002 Book (monograph) German
M & P Schriftenreihe für Wissenschaft und Forschung
Programmed Visions: Software and Memory Wendy Chun 2013 Book (monograph) English
ÆREA: Carménèra
Software studies
Software studies
Digital Media Archaeology: Interpreting Computational Processes Noah Wardrip-Fruin 2011 Article or chapter in a book Media Archeaology: Approaches, Applications, and Implications English media archaeology, process, generation
Media Archeaology: Approaches, Applications, and Implications 2011 Book (collection) English dead media, old media, outdated media, imaginary media, wunderblock, influencing machine, domestic media, baby monitor, ephemeral, digital media, computers, object orientation, submarine, network, telegraph, new media, virtual reality, digital television, video games, internet, multimedia, modern media, media culture, film theory, literary criticism, cultural studies, nonfiction, digital forms, cybernetics, media studies, media theory
Contemporary North America Poetry Series
Writing at the Limit: The Novel in the New Media Ecology Daniel Punday 2012 Book (monograph) English novel, new media, narrative, fiction, film, television, video games, hypertext, american
Aufschreibesysteme 1800, 1900 Friedrich Kittler 2003 Book (monograph) German discourse network, discourse, digital networks, media technologies, technology, networks, digital culture
Hyperfiktion und interaktive Narration Beat Suter 2000 Book (monograph) German genre, hyperfiction, narration