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The Endless Doomscroller Ben Grosser
The Dreamcatcher Andy Campbell, Judi Alston
Walking, Haunting, and Affirmative Aesthetics: The Case of Women without Men Maud Ceuterick
ACM Hypertext 2019
Creative Writing on the Wall: Literary Practices on Facebook Erika Fülöp
Suspended: a small-town, zero tolerance story in survey form Evan Harris
Sustaining Digital Vitalism: A Live Stream Traversal Michael J. Maguire, Dene Grigar, Stuart Moulthrop, Michael J. Maguire, John F. Barber, Greg Philbrook
u$aar v3.0 <mimetic media coverage> Sandra Araújo
The “Répertoire Des Ėcrivaines Et Ėcrivains Numériques”. Archiving And Institutionalization Of Digital Literature Enrico Agostini Marchese, Servanne Monjour, Marcello Vitali-Rosati
Remixing Shakespeare : Witch Hunts! Power Plays! & Uses of Adversity. A Netprov in Three Acts Joellyn Rock
Hypertext: Storyspace to Twine Astrid Ensslin, Lyle Skains
Opening up the Silent World: Narrating Interaction in a Digital Comic Jennifer Dellner
Corpus et interfaces: comment penser le partage du sens Julien Longhi
Ruczaj - cyberżulerska gra ekonomiczna Leszek Onak
Interview with Judy Malloy Judy Malloy
SKAM Julie Andem
A Narrative Analysis of the Use of Social Media in SKAM Jill Walker Rettberg
Literature Beyond the Text: Vliterature, Towards a Post-textual Literature? Erika Fülöp
Pop Subversion in Electronic Literature Davin Heckman
Electronic Literature as Action and Event: Participatory Culture and “The Literary” Rob Wittig, Stuart Moulthrop, Lane Hall
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