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The Oracle from Selphie Jakob Fredslund, Søren Bro Pold, Malthe Stavning Erslev
The Platform Society José van Dijck, Thomas Poell, Martijn de Waal
Borrowed country: digital media, remediation, and North American poetry in the twenty-first century. Jim McGrath
End Matter: Interactive Fiction and a New Linguistic Consciousness Kate Tyrol, Andrew Klobucar, Kirill Azernyi, Rebecca Rouse, Stephanie Jennings
On Reading and Being Read in the Pandemic: Software, Interface, and The Endless Doomscroller Ben Grosser
Art of the Pan-Opt-in-a-Con: FarmVille and the Gamification of the Digital Landscape [Original: The Tyranny of Completion; Or, How Electronic Art Can Engage the Firehose] Devin Shepherd
From ‘Cinema Envy’ to Social Media Envy? The Changing Face of Videogame Characterisation in the Age of Platformisation Rob Gallagher
Interacting with Empathy: Migrant Narrative in the Context of Mobile Apps Susie Cronin
A Web Odyssey Serge Bouchardon
The Endless Doomscroller Ben Grosser
Walking, Haunting, and Affirmative Aesthetics: The Case of Women without Men Maud Ceuterick
ACM Hypertext 2019
Creative Writing on the Wall: Literary Practices on Facebook Erika Fülöp
Suspended: a small-town, zero tolerance story in survey form Evan Harris
u$aar v3.0 <mimetic media coverage> Sandra Araújo
The “Répertoire Des Ėcrivaines Et Ėcrivains Numériques”. Archiving And Institutionalization Of Digital Literature Enrico Agostini Marchese, Servanne Monjour, Marcello Vitali-Rosati
Hypertext: Storyspace to Twine Astrid Ensslin, Lyle Skains
Opening up the Silent World: Narrating Interaction in a Digital Comic Jennifer Dellner
Corpus et interfaces: comment penser le partage du sens Julien Longhi
Ruczaj - cyberżulerska gra ekonomiczna Leszek Onak
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