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Interview with Judy Malloy Judy Malloy
SKAM Julie Andem
A Narrative Analysis of the Use of Social Media in SKAM Jill Walker Rettberg
Literature Beyond the Text: Vliterature, Towards a Post-textual Literature? Erika Fülöp
Pop Subversion in Electronic Literature Davin Heckman
Electronic Literature as Action and Event: Participatory Culture and “The Literary” Rob Wittig, Stuart Moulthrop, Lane Hall
What Comes After Electronic Literature? Steven Wingate, Leonardo L. Flores, Maya Zalbidea Paniagua, Xiana Sotelo, Augustine Abila, Mark Sample, José Molina, Daria Petrova, Natalia Fedorova, Judd Morrissey, José Aburto, Andrew Klobucar, David Clark, Damon Loren Baker
Revisiting the Spam Folder: Using 419-fiction for Interactive Storytelling. A Practical Introduction Linda Kronman, Andreas Zingerle
Front Donna Leishman
Changing Faces: An Experiment in Friendship, Ego and ID Claire Donato, Mark C. Marino
Archiving Ephemera – The Case of Netprov; Graphic Design in Re-Presenting Electronic Literature Rob Wittig
Pedestrionics: Meme Culture, Alienation Capital, and Gestic Play Talan Memmott
Douglas Rushkoff's New Book Silvio Lorusso
Everything Is Going To Be OK :) Chris Rodley, Andrew Burrell
A Hiperperiferia do Ponto: Para uma Defesa da Raposa Álvaro Seiça
“Coat and Uncoat!”: The My Book of GHcoats Project and Implications for Conceptual Writing Kwabena Opoku-­Agyemang
A világháló metaforái Zoltán Szűts
Blogging Jill Walker Rettberg
My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter Tiffany Beveridge
Status Update Bill Kennedy, Darren Wershler-Henry
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