A Web Odyssey

Description (in English): 

A Web Odyssey deals with the navigation on the Web. It is based on "The Odyssey" by Homer and the figure of Ulysses trying to navigate back to Ithaca.

This interactive narrative features the different episodes of The Odyssey (the Cyclops, Circe, the Sirens, Calypso...). The goal of the user is to reconnect to the e-thaca network. Parallels are then drawn between the oblivion caused by the lotos flowers and the infinite scrolling of social networks, the eye of the Cyclops and the webcam which monitors the Internet user (and which must be blinded or disabled), the Underworld and the Dark Web... The ecological question is also addressed through the Sirens, who feed on human flesh, and the streaming platforms which consume a lot of energy and data and feed on the resources of our environment.

The Greeks associated a mythological divinity with each phenomenon. They accepted not to be able to understand everything, and the gods often served as an explanation. Centuries later, don't we have the same relationship with digital technologies? Are human beings free to make their own choices or do they have to obey their Fate, the Greeks wondered. Are human beings simple pawns, constrained in their choices, or sovereign creatures with free will? When we navigate on the Web, especially on platforms, we can often feel the same tension as the one felt by Ulysses during his perilous journey…

This narrative, which articulates literary, educational and recreational dimensions, is available in French and English. It invites us to reflect on our digital milieu, social media, platforms… and more broadly on digital technologies.

Source: Exhibition Documentation
Presentation: http://www.utc.fr/~bouchard/works/presentation-odyssey.pdf

Technical notes: 

Requires the users webcamera for best interaction with the work.

Screen shots: 
Title of the work "A Web Odyssey" on a plane white background
A Web Odyssey Book 1: introduction, black text on a white background, opening with title.
A website created to look like a social media website with different user posts
A website designed to look like a news website uses the users webcam to display it live into the new
A social media chat where user interacts by sending messages to what seems like other users
A black and white website which is designed to look like a FM station
Looks like a clicking game, with a big red heart in the middle and pointers around it

A Web Odyssey - Trailer

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