E-Lit in Arabic Universities: Status Quo and Challenges

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Electronic literature (e-lit) is an emerging kind of literature in the Arab world and just few Arabic universities have embedded it in their curricula. This article is premised on the assumption that university curricula are the authentic gate for any discipline to be academically guaranteed. Consequently, studying the status quo of teaching e-lit in the Arabic universities and challenges that hinder its progress are essential steps toward securing a recognized place for e-lit in the global literary scene.

This paper is intended to help identify and build a new generation of Arab e-lit critics and writers by diagnosing the circumstances of the Arabic classroom situation. My method in this ongoing research project is to conduct interviews with Arab professors of e-lit and surveys for the students. Additionally, my firsthand experience, as an assistant lecturer, in teaching in an Egyptian university (Minia University) will be of great help in understanding the capabilities of the Arabic classroom settings.

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Seamus Riordan-Short