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Virtualizing Material Games Jack Murray, Nick Lalone, Christopher Maraffi
Salon March 9, 2021: African Electronic Literature Yohanna Joseph Waliya
American Utopia - Analyzing the Far-Right politics of BioShock: Infinite and Trump's America Liahm Ruest
Media Archeaology: Approaches, Applications, and Implications
Understanding Interactive Fictions as a Continuum: Reciprocity in Experimental Writing, Hypertext Fiction, and Video Games Elizabeth Burgess
Walking Simulator Video Games–A New Digital Storytelling Artefact–Transportation, not flow Heidi Colthup
Narrativity Daniel Punday
Hey Siri, Tell Me a Story: AI, Procedural Generation, and Digital Narratives Sarah Thorne
Do Games Really Ever End? Ryan House
Connecting Narrative Video games and Electronic literature Filip J. Falk
Interview with Mez Breeze Mez Breeze
Sim Capital: General Intellect, World Market, Species Being, and the Video Game Nick Dyer-Witheford
Patched In: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Schleiner about Computer Gaming Culture Tara McPherson
Environmental Remediation Alenda Chang
Video Games and the Future of Learning David Williamson Shaffer, Kurt R Squire, Richard Halverson, James Paul Gee
The Hunt For The Gay Planet Anna Anthropy
Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture Alexander R. Galloway
New Work on Electronic Literature and Cyberculture Maya Zalbidea Paniagua, Mark C. Marino, Asunción López-Varela Azcárate, Janez Strehovec, Ana Abril, María Goicoechea, Urszula Pawlicka, Heiko Zimmermann
Interview with Andy Campbell Andy Campbell
Do You Feel Like A Hero Yet? Externalised Morality in Video Games Michael James Heron
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