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Format: 2024
Format: 2024
Format: 2024
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Concert by Fonofone Yves Daoust, Benoît Côté 09.11.2023
El primer vuelo de los hermanos Wright Juan B. Gutiérrez 1995 06.12.2016 hypertext, novel, fiction
Gymnasion Kyle Booten 18.01.2024 Gymnasion, education, test
HeartBeats Laura Okkema 2018 09.11.2020 Stress, mindful, scholarly context, HeartBeats, interactive
Loved: A Short Story Alexander Ocias 2010 02.11.2023
Night Walk for Edinburgh Janet Cardiff, George Bures Miller 2019 11.01.2024 audiovisual walk, locative listening, gender identity, night, darkness
Re:Cycle III Jim Bizzocchi 2014 03.06.2016 ambient, image, sequential art, motion, computational, generative video, meaning, video clips, video transitions, computational engine, nature, mountains, rivers, ice, snow, waterfalls, trees, attention, visual pleasure, semantic coherence, tags
Remixing Shakespeare : Witch Hunts! Power Plays! & Uses of Adversity. A Netprov in Three Acts Joellyn Rock 2016 03.04.2024 Video vignettes, William Shakespeare, power-play, netprov
Riveted, Structures, Lands Lands Brenda Gel 2019 21.02.2024 animations, stop motion, blueprints, rivered, structures, lands
Rolled Hem or Nadine Christy Sheffield Sanford 01.02.2024 horror, multimedia
Samorost 1 Jakub Dvorský 2003 18.01.2024 adventure, point-and-click, fantasy
The Aberration of the Translator Qianxun Chen, Theadora Walsh, Lucas Baisch 2018 01.02.2024 virtual reality, communication, Language art, language, text, audio
The Winnipeg : The Poem That Crossed the Atlantic María Mencía 01.02.2024 poem, historical events, Spanish Civil War, Alexandre Dupuis-Belin, interactive, history
"a crisis in se_Mantics: gendered symbols and notion" in computer graphics imaging Claudia Herbst 2002 28.04.2016 gender, CGI, programming, critical new media, symbols, code, lyricism
"The Basement" Damon Loren Baker 2016 26.08.2019 GPS, location-based technology
"V[R]erses": An XR Story Series Mez Breeze 2020 14.06.2024 VR Literature, microstory, 3D, audio experience
"Where you will have been I am..." [not yet found] John Cayley 2009 18.10.2017 Google, search engine, performance, performance writing, singularity
"Whom the Tellling Changed" Aaron A. Reed 2005 11.11.2019 game, interactive fiction, creative storytelling, digital storytelling, creative work, Gilgamesh, hypertext game, early civilization, history
#! [Shebang] Nick Montfort 2014 01.07.2015 script, conceptual writing, computer generated poetry, computer program, digital poetry, wholeness
## READ WRITE GARDEN ## J. R. Carpenter 2013 14.12.2023 code poetry, Ruby, erasure, print, collaboration, anthology, artist book, code comments
#1WkNoTech Mark C. Marino 2015 08.02.2024 netprov, collaborative writing, network narrative
#4artforfreedom Chris Funkhouser 03.06.2016 poetry, multimedia, poetic text, anagrammatic poem, sonic, lanuage, imagery, self-sustainability, gender equity, Confucius, visual aesthetic
#Carnivast Mez Breeze, Andy Campbell 2013 11.08.2018 code poetry, visual poetry, mezangelle, 3D, virtual environment, mobile, poetry, touch, haptic
#CryAndSobForVisualInnocence Mez Breeze 2014 01.07.2015 code poetry, Social Commentary, codework, Codewurk, social critique
#fixurl8tionship Mark C. Marino 2019 14.02.2024 netprov, instagram, performance, collaboration
#gifandcircumstance Allison Parrish 2012 26.10.2018 twitter, memes, Python, animated gif, bot, social, generative, sharingplatform, random, Parrish's blog, mood
#Hvisjegvarhvit 2013 02.11.2023 twitter, collaborative, sharingplatform
#outofblue Marion Schwehr 2014 18.11.2017 twitter, abstraction
#OutsideUrDoor Mez Breeze 2010 26.10.2017 twitter, live performance, alternate reality game, sharingplatform
#PRISOM Mez Breeze, Andy Campbell 2013 20.08.2019 mezangelle, virtual worlds, code poetry, game, interactive, surveillance, PRISOM, #WhatDoYouDo, real-life, incarceration, monitoring
#s1gn/4l Álvaro Seiça 2015 26.10.2017 order, sign, signal, dislocation, poetry, transgression, decontextualization, disruption, twitter-poem, sharingplatform
#SELFIEPOETRY: Fake Art Histories and the Inscription of the Digital Self Alex Saum-Pascual 2014 05.10.2023
#SELFIEPOETRY: Women & Capitalism Alex Saum-Pascual 2016 05.10.2023
#YouTubers Alex Saum-Pascual 2018 05.10.2023
%Location JODI 1997 05.09.2023 interface, network, protocol, subversion, codework
'Scape the Hood Leslie Rule 2005 26.08.2019 poetry, literature
(a grammar of signs has replaced a botany of symptoms) J. R. Carpenter 1998 08.12.2023 early web, frames, foucault, body, botany, narrative
(DES)CONEXÃO: UM LABORATÓRIO DE ALQUIMIA DIGITAL Diogo Marques, Ana Gago, João Santa Cruz, Pedro Ferreira 2018 29.02.2024 art and video, circularity, contemporary electronic literature
(Dis)Location, (Dis)Connection, (Dis)Embodiment Mark Cooley 2007 10.04.2016 media art, collaboration, video, audio, random, database, juxtaposition, association
(go) fish Loss Pequeño Glazier 1998 01.07.2015 fish, animated gif, digital poetry
(N)(P)OVO / META(N)(P)OVO Diogo Marques, Valter Ramos 2015 29.02.2024 Portuguese experimental poetry, Experimental Interface, art and video projects, video poem
(Re)Playing The Lottery Joseph Peters 2014 30.11.2023 fiction, aleatory, reinterpretation, interactivity, interactive narrative, randomness, chance, shirley jackson, the lottery, short story, choices, future, rewind
(S)PACING Talan Memmott 2009 01.07.2015 installation, performance, keyboard, video, audio, sensors, movement, time, Flash
**** (four stars) Michael Avatar 1997 01.07.2015 hypertext, conceptual art, instructions, happiness, HTML, audio
*water writes always in *plural Linda Carroli, Josephine Wilson 1998 01.07.2015 collaboration, hypertext, network fiction
. ] quinquilharia [ > Bruno Ministro 2014 22.04.2019 visual poetry, combinatorial, search engine, broken data
...and by islands I mean paragraphs J. R. Carpenter 2013 10.11.2016 computer generated text, generative, generated narratives, text generation, islands, détournement, white space, paragraph, intertextuality, deleuze, William Shakespeare, Foe, J. M. Coetzee, Shakespeare, The tempest, Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, Bishop, Coetzee, Ballard, Hakluyt, guidebook, classics
...hihi... Evgenia Sarbeva 2010 02.11.2023 computer, conversation, self-reflexivity
...Reusement Jerome Fletcher 2007 01.07.2015 performance writing, erasure, performative, projective art, bilingual
//**Code_Up Giselle Beiguelman 2004 01.07.2015 film, code, remediation, application, manipulation, algorithm, numeric systems, images
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