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Format: 2018
Format: 2018
Format: 2018
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2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words Nick Montfort, William Gillespie 2002 01.07.2015 palindrome, story, cyborg author, collaboration, illustration
21 días Isaías Herrero Florensa 2006 01.07.2015
217 Views of the Tokaido Line Will Luers 2011 01.07.2015 essay, video, poetry, generated poetry, travel, motion, loop, haiku
23:40 Das Gedächtnis Guido Grigat 1997 09.11.2017 memory, interactive
24 heures d’Adrien Pierre-Olivier Fineltin 1998 01.07.2015
24 hours with someone you know... Phillipa J. Burne 1996 25.09.2017 hypertext, HTML, branching path
243 cartes postales en couleurs véritables Georges Perec 1978 01.07.2015 combinatorial techniques, interactive, fiction, postcards, algorithm, game
25 de Novembro Pedro Barbosa 1977 01.07.2015
253 Geoff Ryman 1996 25.01.2016 hypertext, narrative, fiction, underground, London, tube, train, crash, collision
2translation Grégory Chatonsky 2002 04.06.2016 camera, typography, music, adaptation
2x6 Nick Montfort, Serge Bouchardon, Carlos León, Natalia Fedorova, Andrew Campana, Aleksandra Małecka, Piotr Marecki 2016 23.04.2018
3 Proposals for Bottle Imps William Poundstone 2003 26.09.2017 Flash, audio, scheduled, e-poetry
34 North 118 West Jeff Knowlton, Naomi Spellman, Jeremy Hight 2003 27.09.2016 history, audio, locative narrative, GPS, Los Angeles
4 Square Jody Zellen 2012 26.10.2017 iOS, juxtaposition, collage, digital art, touch, haptic
4 uomini Roberto Gilli 2004 01.07.2015 generative, poetry
4079 Zuzana Husárová, Ľubomír Panák 2011 24.05.2017 conceptual, digital poem, interactive, non-linear reading, canvas
5 Haitis Simon Kerr 2011 01.07.2015 Flash, audio, static
5000 palabras Isaías Herrero Florensa 2011 01.07.2015
52 Goymu Mez Breeze 2012 01.07.2015 digital writing, network fiction, net art, elit, electronic literature, epigram, HTML, javascript, stretchtext
54 61 72 6F 6B 6F Roman Kalinovski 2014 30.11.2016 remix
6 avatars en quête d'auteur / 6 Avatars in Quest of an Author Daniel Buillot 2008 01.07.2015 adaptation, avatar, machinima, Flash, text, video, voice
6 Weird Questions asked in a Wired Way David Jhave Johnston 2011 26.09.2017 audio, responsive, HTML, scheduled
6-string Aria Bill Marsh 2002 01.07.2015 video, Flash, audio, kinetic, scheduled
7 Poems Vadim Litvak 28.11.2015 e-poetry, poetry, poem, hypertext
8 Brincadeiras para Salette Tavares Rui Torres 2010 01.07.2015 aleatory, appropriated texts, code, digital poetry, experimental literature, Flash, generative poetry, intertextuality, poetry generator
80 Days 2014 10.02.2017 game, literature, narrative, story, Jules Verne, adaptation, plot, interactivity, fiction
88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be Played with the Left Hand) David Clark 2009 01.07.2015 hypertext, kinetic, animation, documentary, philosophy, language philosophy, Wittgenstein, Flash
9:05 Adam Cadre 2000 01.07.2015 interactive fiction
<? echo [THE_SIGNIFIER] ?> Duc Thuan 2002 26.09.2017 javascript, Flash, e-poetry, HTML
<Content=No Cache> Giselle Beiguelman 2001 01.07.2015, Brazil, Brazilian, giselle beiguelman, error messages, digital memory, erasure, ephemerality
>>oh<< Reiner Strasser, Dan Waber, Jennifer Hill-Kaucher 2005 01.07.2015 cyberpoem, interactive, literary games, poem, audio
@bogost_ebooks Anonymous 2013 26.10.2017 twitter, serial, social media, sharingplatform
@crashtxt / exq=.s.te =n.c&de/s Jim Punk 2012 26.10.2017 unicode, HTML, javascript, twitter, social, sharingplatform
@Darius_at_GDC Darius Kazemi 2013 26.10.2017 twitter, bot, social, performance, scheduled, sharingplatform
@DeleuzeGuattari, Rhiz-o-Mat, PoMoBot Anonymous 1996 26.09.2017 javascript, generator, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari
@everyword Allison Parrish 2007 26.10.2017 twitter, bot, Python, tweepy, serial, sharingplatform
@frodegrytten (microfictions on Twitter) Frode Grytten 2011 26.10.2017 twitter, fiction, daily writing, microfiction, sharingplatform
@georgelazenby : How Goes the Enemy? William Poundstone 2011 01.07.2015 video, Flash, scheduled, twitter
@HaikuD2 John Burger 2012 26.10.2017 twitter, bot, generative, static, sharingplatform
@Jhave2 David Jhave Johnston 2010 26.10.2017 twitter, networked performance, sharingplatform
@KarlMarxovChain Moacir P. de Sá Pereira 2012 26.10.2017 twitter, bot, social, static, responsive, sharingplatform
@MarkovChainMe Moacir P. de Sá Pereira 2012 26.10.2017 twitter, bot, responsive, sharingplatform
@MassageMcLuhan Matt Schneider 2013 26.10.2017 bot, twitter, tweepy, Python, scheduled, social, sharingplatform
@SonnetOneFour Jaci Jones, Jason Robbins, Tyler Downey 2013 26.10.2017 twitter, poetry, sonnet, Shakespeare, puzzle, collaboration, cryptographic, network, William Shakespeare, Sonnet 14, appropriation, sharingplatform
@Tempspence Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig 2013 26.10.2017 twitter, social, netprov, performance, generative, sharingplatform
@tonightiate Matt Schneider 2013 26.10.2017 twitter, bot, tweepy, Python, social, scheduled, sharingplatform
@WPoundstone William Poundstone 2009 26.10.2017 twitter, social, sharingplatform
a as in dog Dan Waber 2007 26.09.2017 concrete poetry, animated gif, javascript
A Bot Sampler in Two Voices Leonardo L. Flores, Mark Sample 2015 26.10.2017 generative, twitter, bot, continuity, juxtapositions, conversation, live-performance, sharingplatform
À bribes abattues Philippe Bootz 1991 01.07.2015 poetry, kinetic
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