11 Ways to Escape the Symbolic Field

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11 Ways to escape the Symbolic Field is a hybrid work consisting of various Internet accessible pieces in which texts found on the Internet are combined with original digital art works. The texts are presented on the screen in different, mostly hermetic ways, to emphasize the eroding effects the internet has on the literacy of the ‘general audience’. The author intends to question the ‘authority’ of the found texts by deforming them and to render them illegible. Together with each – projected–piece is a sound track with recordings of spoken poetry in English and Dutch from the artist. The poems juxtapose each piece with political driven subjectivities. This series of work is building upon previously created works such as Semantic Disturbances (2005) and La Resocialista Internacional (2011) by the same author. (Source: GalleryDDDL description)

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Alex Belov