2 sides/2 lados

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My work involves making marks with a rhythmical distribution of signs on a surface. Not just drawing on a surface but also physically changing it.

The work 2 sides/2 lados is a mixture of drawing, laser cut, wall drawing and book art. Passing from one technique/material to another the invented script undergoes transformation. The initial drawn script is digitally manipulated and cut from the paper to leave voids – the marks appear by their absence. The same marks are then transferred manually to a corner wall.

My current practice is concerned with finding a way of synthesizing the duality generated by site-specific works to produce work which involves a site-specific element and a broader element, but whose elements are integral – there no longer being an original and a copy or a site-specific version and a documentary version. Each is part of the work in its entirely – yet each is independent.

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photograph 2 sides/2 lados
photograph 2 sides/2 lados
photograph 2 sides/2 lados
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Scott Rettberg