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Creating a Meaning-Machine: The Deck of Stories Called Life in the Garden Eric Zimmerman
Medium and Meaning Hannah Ackermans, Heiko Zimmermann, Kari Kraus
Genre: The New Critical Idiom John Frow
Narrative Affect in William Gillespie's Keyhole Factory and Morpheus: Biblionaut, or, Post-Digital Fiction for the Programming Era Eric Dean Rasmussen
Przemówienia / Speeches Marek Pampuch
Re:Cycle III Jim Bizzocchi
Subvirtiendo signos: la estrategia de la apropiación en la cultura contemporánea Belén Gache
Massive Comprehension Machine Lot Ameros
Towards Cinematic Hypertext : A theoretical and Empirical Investigation Clara Mancini
Field Notes From The Secret War Between Value and Meaning in Digital Culture Francisco J. Ricardo
Interactive Fiction: The Computer Storygame 'Adventure' Mary Ann Buckles
E-literature and the Un-coded Model of Meaning: Towards an Ordinary Digital Philosophy Mauro Carassai
Digital Rhetoric and Poetics: Signifying Strategies in Electronic Literature Talan Memmott
Review of Digital Art and Meaning: Reading Kinetic Poetry, Text Machines, Mapping Art, and Interactive Installations, by Chris Funkhouser Chris Funkhouser
Extinction Elegies: a post-Fukushima interactive video-poem tht introduces mutations into the DNA of meaning. David Jhave Johnston
changeEverything Serge Bouchardon, Vincent Volckaert, Hervé Zénouda
Responsive Environments Myron Krueger
Gamely Interstitial: Narrative, Excess, and Artifactual Interstanding Stuart Moulthrop
From Papyrus to Hypertext: Toward the Universal Digital Library Christian Vandendorpe
Accidental Meaning María Mencía
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