Francisco J. Ricardo

United States
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"Francisco J. Ricardo Ph.D. is media and contemporary art theorist. A Research Associate at the University Professors Program and co-director of the Digital Video Research Archive at Boston University, he also teaches digital media theory at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has degrees from Thomas Edison College,Harvard University and Boston University. His research examines historical, conceptual, and computational intersections between contemporary art and architecture, on one hand,and new media art and literature, on the other. He has presented in ACM, Digital Arts and Culture, CAA, and Cyberculture conferences.Recent publications include Cyberculture and New Media (Rodopi, 2009) and Literary Art in Digital Performance (Continuum, 2009). His vocations include music composition and performance, yoga, fencing, astrology, and other radical geographies of the self."

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Francisco J. Ricardo
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Eric Dean Rasmussen