Massive Comprehension Machine

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Massive Comprehension Machine s an audiovisual device for simultaneous navigation in two semantic networks generated in real time facing a unique concept: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but addressed from two opposing views: the media that operates on one or other side of the border. Can semantic netwoks map thoughts? Can they disclose structures that reflect the way we see the world? This device allows the investigation between the subjectivity and imaginary of one and other, and also from the subjectivity of the visitor, dealing with the complexity of one of the greatest conflicts inherited from the 20th century. [It] is designed to require an active participation of the user to deepen the concept that he/she would like to explore. In this way, the user is involved in the conflict and can ask himself/ herself questions such as: What is important and what is not? Why the semantic network gives me this result? The keys to navigate in a semantic network with thousands of nodes are hierarchies. We can surf the net from more present concepts or of greater size, and zoom up towards words with less relevance. The search tool facilitates the research of unusual concepts, showing only directly related words. The words are connected from multiple news, and therefore the relations are sensitive to the frequency in which they appear. At a glance, we can see the most important concepts and the relationships of each vision of the conflict. To give the work an immersion nature, when you select a node you can see news related to this concept by the use of a machine-readable robot.

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Jill Walker Rettberg