Rolled Hem or Nadine

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Rolled Hem or Nadine contains text, images, and animation by Christy Sheffield Sanford. This bedtime horror story, based on a 12th century lais by Marie de France, was published by Amp in 2017. The video, part of a multimedia project The Hem-nal, explores how we veil or bare our inner lives and bodies and how much agency we have in forming boundaries.

Asked about U.S. resistance to Tanztheater Wuppertal, German choreographer Pina Bausch suggested one reason might be habits of viewing, Sehgewohnheiten. Digital animation can disrupt linear reading habits and provide new associations. Inherent poetic qualities of iMovie and Photoshop help bridge the gap between image and text. Faun, a German ensemble, permitted use of the song “Sirena”.

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Jane Lausten