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exhibited via a Live Trans-Reality Performance Event held simutaneously via Twitter streams, The Web, and geophysically at the Inspace Gallery as part of Inspace’s “No One Can Hear You Scream”/The Third International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling: “…the knitting 2gether of the #OutsideUrDoor synthetic/real-time action created through the @MrShamble, @Nozfera2 and @vvolfmaan characters via multiple projections/soundtrack/linked c[l]ues with geophysical audience participation [and those exclusively in the twittersphere] was marvellous. the [micro in more than 1 sense] narrative gradually unfolding in front of a live audience based in Scotland…just…mixed reality ftw:)…this type of net-native work[ing] really extends + [weirdly] collapses so many conventions/distinctions.”

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Leonardo Flores