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Twitter is a free social networking microblogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets. Twitter members can broadcast tweets and follow other users' tweets by using multiple platforms and devices. Tweets and replies to tweets can be sent by cell phone text message, desktop client or by posting at the website. 

The default settings for Twitter are public. Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, where members need to approve social connections, anyone can follow anyone on publicTwitter. To weave tweets into a conversation thread or connect them to a general topic, members can add hashtags to a keyword in their post. The hashtag, which acts like a meta tag, is expressed as #keyword. 

Tweets, which may include hyperlinks, are limited to 140 characters, due to the constraints of Twitter's Short Message Service (SMS) delivery system. Because tweets can be delivered to followers in real time, they might seem like instant messages to the novice user. But unlike IMs that disappear when the user closes the application, tweets are also posted on the Twitter website. They are permanent, they are searchable and they are public. Anyone can search tweets on Twitter, whether they are a member or not. (Source:

Works Developed in this Platform:

Work titlesort descending Author Language Year
#1WkNoTech Mark C. Marino English 2015
#gifandcircumstance Allison Parrish English 2012
#Hvisjegvarhvit Norwegian (Bokmål) 2013
#outofblue Marion Schwehr German 2014
#OutsideUrDoor Mez Breeze English 2010
#s1gn/4l Álvaro Seiça English 2015
10 Print ebooks Mark Sample English 2012
@bogost_ebooks Anonymous English 2013
@bronxzooscobra English 2011
@Darius_at_GDC Darius Kazemi English 2013
@everyword Allison Parrish English 2007
@frodegrytten (microfictions on Twitter) Frode Grytten Norwegian (Nynorsk) 2011
@HaikuD2 John Burger English 2012
@Jhave2 David Jhave Johnston English 2010
@KarlMarxovChain Moacir P. de Sá Pereira English 2012
@MarkovChainMe Moacir P. de Sá Pereira English 2012
@MassageMcLuhan Matt Schneider English 2013
@NSA_PRISMbot Mark Sample English 2013
@SonnetOneFour Jaci Jones, Jason Robbins, Tyler Downey English 2013
@Tempspence Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig English 2013
@TinyKorczak (Twitterbot) Yohanna Joseph Waliya English, French, Hebrew, Polish, Spanish (Castilian) 2020
@tonightiate Matt Schneider English 2013
@WPoundstone William Poundstone English 2009
A Bot Sampler in Two Voices Leonardo L. Flores, Mark Sample English 2015
All-Time High: A Netprov Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson, Rob Wittig, Mark C. Marino English 2015
Bloomsday on Twitter Ian Bogost 2007
Bruno Latourbot Anonymous English 2013
Cthalloween Jay Bushman English 2009
dadaoverload Beat Suter, René Bauer English 2017
Digital Culture World Lecture Tour Talan Memmott 2014
ELC3 Bot Leonardo L. Flores English 2016
Everything Is Going To Be OK :) Chris Rodley, Andrew Burrell English 2013
Feral C Mez Breeze English 2010
georgelazenby Anonymous English 2009
Grace, Wit and Charm Rob Wittig English 2011
Hearts, Keys and Puppetry Neil Gaiman English 2010
I am Pär Thörn English 2011
I Work for the Web: a netprov Rob Wittig, Mark C. Marino 2015
Intimate Fields Helen J Burgess, Margaret Simon English 2017
Justin Buber Anonymous English 2011
Kantye West Anonymous English 2012
Kimchi Poetry Machine Margaret Rhee English 2014
KimKierkegaardashian Anonymous English 2012
Latour Swag Darius Kazemi English 2013
Magic Realism Bot Chris Rodley, Ali Rodley English 2015
Metaphor-a-Minute Darius Kazemi English 2012
Occupy MLA Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig English 2011
Pentametron Ranjit Bhatnagar English 2012
poem.exe Liam Cooke English 2014
Poetry is Just Words in the Wrong Order Jazra Khaleed, Timos Alexandropoulos, Antonis Kalagkatsis English 2015


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