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The tensions of digital literature Serge Bouchardon Conference paper or presentation English digital literature, tension, programmed writing, devices, media, aesthetic experience
The Moving Word: Towards the Theory of Web Literary Objects Janez Strehovec Article or chapter in a book Cybertext Yearbook 2000 English
Video Poetry by Mohamed Habibi: Report from Dubai John F. Barber Conference panel or roundtable English arab e-lit, video poetry
Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digital en Español María Goicoechea, Laura Sánchez Gómez Conference paper or presentation Spanish (Castilian) electronic literature, spanish, metadata
Forms and Platforms Conference panel or roundtable
You’ve never experienced a novel like this”: Time and Interaction when reading TOC Allison Gibbons
Perspectives of Digital Literature Olga Dedova Review Russian
The Aesthetic of Failure: Post-Digital Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music Kim Cascone Article in a print journal
Understanding Contemporary American Literature Book (collection) American literature, contemporary
Electronic Literature as an approaching tool to emerging ways of reading Guizar Rolass, Jessica Arianne Rodríguez, Alejandro Brianza Conference panel or roundtable English code, reading, identity
Digital Manipulability and Digital Literature Serge Bouchardon, Davin Heckman electropoetics
Building Stories Kate Palermini
Anthem scholarship in the digital age: Information, media and communication studies
Telling our Stories: The Representation of Gender-Based Violence in Stella Dimoko Korkus’ Blog Oluwayinka Arawomo Explorations in Critical Discourse and New Media Studies: Essays in Honour of Rotimi Taiwo
Action Session Day 2 Nicholas Schiller, Allison Parrish, Scott Rettberg, David Nuñez Ruiz, Hannah Ackermans, Elizabeth Losh Conference panel or roundtable
On Savoire-Faire Emily Short Article or chapter in a book Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media English
Cultural memory in the present
Old Orders for New: Ecology, Animal Rights, and the Poverty of Humanism Cary Wolfe Article or chapter in a book Chapter 05: Critical Ecologies After Posthumanism
Beyond Collaborative Horizons Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino, Jessica Pressman Conference panel or roundtable
On The Archer's Flight Mark Keavney Article or chapter in a book Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media English
New York university studies in French culture and civilization
Language, discourse, society
Session 4.4 The E-literary Object Deena Larsen, Leonardo L. Flores, Lauren Burr, Aynur Kadir
Collection Ingénierie représentationnelle et constructions de sens
Religion, culture, and public life
ELO conference 2016 Closing Session Scott Rettberg, David M. Meurer, Samantha Gorman, John Cayley, Dene Grigar Conference panel or roundtable
Chapter 02: Writing Under Constraint Article or chapter in a book Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review. Volume 2
A Feel for the Algorithm James Brown Jr., Lauren Gottlieb-Miller, Margaret Bertucci Black, Rick Ness, Anthony Black, James T. Burling, Kathleen Daly, Andrew Salyer, Neil Simpkins, Jenna Stoeber, Deidre Stuffer
Colección Señales
anomalie digital_arts Series French
Glitch Poetics: The Posthumanities of Error Nathan Jones Article or chapter in a book The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature English glitch poetics, glitch aesthetics, glitch art, posthuman studies, posthuman, posthumanism
Cyberlove: Paixão e poder na era da cibercultura Francisco Rüdiger Article or chapter in a book A Cibercultura em Transformação: Poder, Liberdade e Sociabilidade (ABCiber Vol.2) Portuguese Brazilian cyberculture, forms of sociability, power systems, commodity fetishism
Frontiers of Narrative Series book series, narrative, narratology, transmodal
INK - Designing for Performative Literary Interactions. Søren Bro Pold, Jonas Fritsch, Lasse Steenbock Vestergaard, Melissa Lucas Article in an online journal English
The Official World Mark Seltzer Book (monograph) English
Between Play and Politics: Dysfunctionality in Digital Art Marie-Laure Ryan Article in an online journal image + narrative
Architextualité et programmes d'écriture pour les textes interactifs littéraires Gaétan Darquié Conference paper or presentation French Ecriture numérique, Textes intéractifs, Textes modèles, Architextes, Artchitextualité, Fictions intéractives, Hypertextes, Conception, Solutions logicielles, L’étude du code et des systèmes logiciels
Cell Phone Novel A New Genre of Literature Dhananjoy Roy Article in an online journal English cell phones, text messages, SMS Literature, phone novel, mobile phone
HALMA: Hallische Medienarbeiten German series
Towards a Digital Epistemology: Printed Texts and the Logic of Electronic Literature Jonas Ingvarsson Conference paper or presentation English digital epistemology, avant-garde literature, electronic literature, media archaeology, printed texts, discursive network
Benchmark Fiction: A Framework for Comparative New Media Studes Christy Dena, Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino Article on the author's website English
Animation/Kineticism Brian Kim Stefans Article or chapter in a book The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media English
Computer-collaborative Intersemiotic Translation in Loss Sets and The ChessBard Aaron Tucker Conference paper or presentation English
End(s) of Electronic Literature Festival Exhibition Kiosk Anthology of creative work or online gallery Gateway/TO/the/World
Auto/onto-poiesis Simon Biggs Article or chapter in a book POIESIS <POEMA>ENTRE PIXEL E PROGRAMA</> Portuguese generative, generative poetry, simon biggs, identity, poiesis, Brazilian Electronic Literature Collection
New River (Spring 2007) Issue of a journal
Composition, Emergence, Sensation: Science and New Media in the Novels of Steve Tomasula David Banash Article or chapter in a book English
Review of Heather Houser’s Ecosickness in Contemporary U.S. Fiction: Environment and Affect Sharalyn Sanders Article in an online journal English book review, fiction, Environmental justice, contemporary literature, ecocriticism, scholarly activism, environmental awareness, critical ecologies
On the Globalization of Literature: Haruki Murakami, Tim O’Brien, and Raymond Carver Reicchi Miura Reiichi Miura, Miura, paul auster, John Irving, Tim O'Brien, Raymond Carver, Richard Powers, Steve Erickson, Steven Millhouser, Stuart Dybek, michael hardt, antonio negri, Haruki Murakami, Modern Japanese literature, Meiji restoration, Parco bookstore, Ja
Computer-Mediated Collaborative Writing Judy Malloy Article on the author's website English computer-mediated narratives, collaboration