David Nuñez Ruiz

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Candidate for a PhD in digital communication with the thesis "Transformations in digital narratives: from the user's link to Artificial Intelligence". Degree and MA in Literature. He is a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters from the UNAM. Collaborations in international congresses, such as "ELO" (University of Victoria, 2016 with the poster "Neotipo: Life experiences through Digital Simulation Narratives), "Congress of Contemporary Mexican Literature" (University of Texas, 2014), "4th Digital Forum: Art and Internet" (UNAM, 2009), among others. He coordinate the forum "New creativity: Artificial Inteligence and Art" (UNAM, 2018). He has written narrative and essay books such as Writing the body (in opinion), Temptation to say (UNAM, 2004) and is writing the digital text “Neotipo” (2016-2019).

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David Nuñez Ruiz
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