Electronic Literature Organization 2021: Platform (Post?) Pandemic

Critical writing presented:

Title Author Tags
"Swipe Night is Fun, but Useless” An Analysis of Tinder’s Swipe Night, an Interactive Foray in Online Dating Lauren Rouse, Rachel Nicole Winter gamification, social platforms, electronic literature, interactive fiction, interactive narrative, game design
"Thin Spaces:" Using Twine for Storytelling and Catharsis Kendra McPheeters hyperlinks, trauma, PTSD, twine, autobiography, Pandemic Art, domestic abuse, genealogy
"To Larp, or Not to Larp?" Must Embodiment and Code Deployment Reinforce Systemic Injustice across Larp Platforms? Samara Hayley Steele Larp, Analog Games, Creep, Critical Race Theory
"Writing To Cope": Anti-Shipping Rhetoric in Media Fandom Allegra Rosenberg fan fiction, taboo, harassment, twitter, fandom
A narrative approach to ambient literature: embodied spoken monologue and enhanced interactional metalepsis Agnieszka Przybyszewska ambient literature, reading practice, narrative structure, mobile phone
A Platform's Media Specificity in Context: Follow the Pathfinders Hannah Ackermans platform adoption, platform literacy, documentation, Scalar, Pathfinders
A Tour of ELO's The NEXT Kathleen Zoller, Katya Farinsky, Betsy Hanrahan, Sarah West, Mallory Hobson, Preston Reed Electronic Literature Organization, The NEXT, repository, Electronic Literature Lab, ELL, virtual space
Alternative Play? Twine as a Digital Storytelling Platform Lai-Tze Fan, Anastasia Salter, Stuart Moulthrop, Sarah Laiola, Chloe Anna Milligan pedagogy, collaboration, play, pandemic, twine
American Utopia - Analyzing the Far-Right politics of BioShock: Infinite and Trump's America Liahm Ruest far-right, utopia, video games, bioshock, politics
Amplified Publishing: Finding Audiences Amy Spencer Audiences, publishing, Narrative-based, ambient literature, Broadcasting
An Institutional Approach to Building a Platform of Digital Literary Works: The Case(s) of Dutch and Flemish Digital Literature Siebe Bluijs electronic literature, digital literature, instagram poetry, electronic book review
Appropriationist practices and subjectivation / desubjectivation processes: some productions of Argentine digital literature in times of algorithmic governance Fernanda Mugica Argentina, subjectivity, algorithms
Art of the Pan-Opt-in-a-Con: FarmVille and the Gamification of the Digital Landscape [Original: The Tyranny of Completion; Or, How Electronic Art Can Engage the Firehose] Devin Shepherd social games, digital art, electronic art, social platforms, social media, platforming Utopias
Beyond Maximalism: Resolving the Novelistic Incompatibilities of Realism, Paranoia, Omniscience, and Encyclopedism through Electronic Literature. David Thomas Henry Wright, Chris Arnold Maximalism, digital novel, novel, realism, paranoia, Omniscience, Encyclopedism
Community building through the design of co-creative online workshops: emerging collaborative practices and social dynamics. Vinicius Marquet, Carina Erdmann, Steven Malliet online workshops, collaborative storytelling, procedural logic, meaningful play, design research
Community Storytelling: Beyond the Table and onto the Digital Green Krista-Lee Malone, Casey James O’ceallaigh, Edword Flabberjackson, Andrew C. Fudge TTRPGs, storytelling, Twitch.tv, Streaming, community, LGBTQ+
Comparing methods of generating 3.5 inch floppy disk forensic images Nicholas Schiller floppy disk, electronic literature, Electronic Literature Lab
Creating and Archiving Electronic Literature During the Pandemic Giulia Carla Rossi COVID-19, informatics, GLAM and cultural heritage sector, Bitsy, video game, Emerging Formats Project, UK Web Archive, new media writing prize, lockdown
Dangerous Games: ARGs, Social Media Platforms and Participatory Propaganda Justin Bortnick alternate reality game, politics, propaganda, conspiracy theory, game design, video game
Digital Colonialism: Electronic Literature as Resistance Leonardo L. Flores colonialism, platform politics, programming language
Digital Methodologies for Analysing and Disseminating Community Research. (A reflection on practice by the artist/researcher) María Mencía methodology, research, digital platforms/tools, community building, creative practices, storytelling, healing, collaboration, societal issues
Digital Narrative and Temporality Serge Bouchardon, Erika Fülöp digital narrative, temporality, notification, real-time data flow, stories, facebook, instagram, social network platform
Digital Selfhood and its Mental Spatialities: Abstracts of Textual Constructs Angeliki Malakasioti digital self, digital body, spatiality
Distributed Memories: CompuServe’s Gamer’s Forum and the Halcyon Days of the Adventure Game Toolkit Judith Pintar virtual world, interactive fiction, game world, digital artifact, text adventure
E-Lit and its Myriad of Platforms: A Critical Approach to Language,Culture and Digital Literacy Perla Sassón-Henry, Oreto Domenech, María Ángela Celis Sánchez Teaching e-lit, Teacher Training, digital literacy, Foreign Languages, Transdisciplinary
E-Literature Bound to Platforms: Exploring Opportunities for Narrative Connection and Disconnection Lai-Tze Fan, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Christy Sheffield Sanford, Erik Loyer, Caitlin Fisher, Will Luers platform, narrative, communication, connection, interface design, infrastructure, VR, e-literature
Edge Effects: Queer Virtual Arcades Caitlin Fisher, Maureen Engel Walter Benjamin, queer, archive, Flourish, nanostories, arcade, technoeroticism, human body, mapping, speculative futures
ELO Salons: Beyond 2020 Lyle Skains, Deena Larsen, Johannah Rodgers, Caitlin Fisher, Julianne Chatelain, Kate Brooks salons, discussion, community
Emulating hypertext: a feminist, postphenomenological perspective Astrid Ensslin Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext, emulation, Kathryn Cramer, Storyspace hypertext
End Matter: Interactive Fiction and a New Linguistic Consciousness Kate Tyrol, Andrew Klobucar, Kirill Azernyi, Rebecca Rouse, Stephanie Jennings interactive fiction, interactive narrative, social media, gamification, virtual platform
English Versification for the Billion: Translating the Early Latin Poetry Generator "Artificial Versifying" (1677) Kaeden Berg, Henry Koelling, James Ryan translation, history of electronic literature, poetry generation
Epidemiology and Spatial Narrative : Scaffolds under the Pandemic - Confinement Spaces and Existential E-Narrative Patrick Lichty VR, immersive, pandemic, COVID-era isolation
Executable Landscapes: Speculative Platforms for Ecological E-Literature Richard A. Carter electronic literature, digital art, platforms, ecology, infrastructure, sensors, Esoteric Code, code poetry
From ‘Cinema Envy’ to Social Media Envy? The Changing Face of Videogame Characterisation in the Age of Platformisation Rob Gallagher social media, videogames, characterisation, virtual influencers, transmedia, platform capitalism
Gastropoetics, text generation, and the body Davin Heckman text generation, grammar
Gender in “Bits”: Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition in World Electronic Literature Platforms Giovanna Di Rosario, Asun López-Varela Azcárate, Maya Zalbidea Paniagua, Rachid Benharrousse, Nohelia Meza Women e-lit, platforms, digital hermeneutics, close reading, distant reading
Generated Mandelstam Natalia Fedorova, Anna Tolkacheva algorithmic text generation, algorithmic poetics, media archaeology
Generated Texts: Reading Strategy and Interpretational Options Svetlana Kuchina generative, verbal, key words, thematic grid, interpretive strategies
Git as Platform for Electronic Literature Authorware Jeremy Douglass archiving, authorware, hypertext fiction, digital platforms
Heats, knots and hierarchies: Speculative genders in omegaverse fanfiction Marianne Gunderson fan fiction, gender, embodiment, omegaverse
Homenaje a Wlademir Dias-Pino: when a digital poem revisits an e-lit antecedent Vinícius Carvalho Pereira conceptual poetry, avant-garde, process poem, Latin American Electronic Literature, Brazilian poetry
Hugging Pixels: How Gaming Rethinks Physical Interactions Corentin Colin COVID-19, gaming, virtual reality, human contact
Indian Electronic Writing: Publics, Platforms and Possibilities Samya Brata Roy India, online, electronic literature, digital humanity, digital modernism, meaning making, digital literature
Interacting with Empathy: Migrant Narrative in the Context of Mobile Apps Susie Cronin empathy, apps, migration, social media
Interacting with Empathy: Migrant narrative in the context of mobile apps Susie Cronin migration, mobile apps, interactive narrative, video game
Lab-yrinthe: an online laboratory to observe children’s e-lit and support digital literacy Eleonora Acerra, Nathalie Lacelle Children's E-lit, digital literacy, digital literature, digital technology, electronic literature
Learning Management Platforms: Notes on Teaching “Taroko Gorge” in a Pandemic Dani Spinosa digital pedagogy, digital poetics, learning management systems, remix
Lyric Recollection and the Preservation of Ephemeral and Social Elit Timothy Wilcox electronic literature, MUDs, lyric, preservation, ephemerality
Media archeology: a genealogical approach to Peruvian electronic poetry Michael Hurtado, Medina Pamela, Miluska Falero obsolescence, genealogy, peruvian electronic poetry, platforms, media archeology
Motivating Struggling Readers to Mentally “Show Up” with Wonder Stories Elliott Hedman books, education, self-motivation, digital text, teaching methodology
Netprov in the Classroom: Character Building and Team Building Rob Wittig netprov, teaching, classroom, collaboration, improvisation, creative writing, writing instruction, literature class
Networks of Net Literature - Modelling, Extracting and Visualizing Link-Based Networks in the DLA corpus of net literature Claus-Michael Schlesinger, Mona Ulrich, Pascal Hein, André Blessing net literature, warc, network literature
Ocean as Media Platform for Electronic Literature Jessica Pressman, Mark C. Marino, Melody Jue, Diana Leong ocean, mermaids, environmental humanities, ecocriticism, race, gender, critical code studies, fishnetstockings
On Reading and Being Read in the Pandemic: Software, Interface, and The Endless Doomscroller Ben Grosser doomscrolling, platforms, social media, net art, electronic literature
On the Platform’s Ruins: Practicing a Poetics of Obsolescence Colin Post digital preservation, net art, obsolescence, early web culture
On the “Effect(s) of Living Backwards”: A Platform-critical, Collaborative Analysis of Kathryn Cramer’s In Small and Large Pieces Astrid Ensslin, Kathryn Cramer, Dene Grigar, Mariusz Pisarski Storyspace hypertext, Kathryn Cramer, Platform-critical, Collaborative textuality, Author intent
Oneirographia - The writing of dreams Andréa Catrópa creative process, dream, search algorithms, interactive environments, e-lit
Open to Construction: reading and writing bodies in digital fiction and the open web platform Christine Wilks, Astrid Ensslin, Carla Rice, Sarah Riley, Megan Perram, Hannah Fowlie, Lauren Munro, Aly Bailey digital fiction, interactive fiction, body image, Possible Worlds
Paper or Pixel: Revisiting Geoff Ryman’s 253 Sarah Thorne hypertext fiction, lost work, digital preservation
Plat(free)forms: accessible tools for new e-lit composers Melinda White digital platforms/tools, creative writing
Platform as a Service: A Roundtable Discussion of Community Labor and Platformization of Twine and Ink Daniel Cox, Kenton Taylor Howard, Chris Klimas Platformization, authoring tools, community labor
Platform Collaboration, Creativity and Determinism in Virtual Reality (VR): An artist paper the making of The Key To Time, a work for VR, domes and CAVEs. Roderick Coover VR, immersion, collaboration, sound, film, utopia, determinism
Platform-based Rules of (Un)Notice Inge van de Ven
Platforming Inclusivity: Blaseball and an inclusive vision of browser games Matt Schneider baseball, web browsers, platform studies, videogames, transmedia narrative
Platformization and Decolonial E-Lit. Is There Any Chance? Claudia Kozak, Agustín Berti, Anahí Re, Leonardo Solass Platformization, Decolonial Thinking, electronic literature, Latin America
Platforms for Multilingual Tele-Immersive Storytelling and Improvisation Boyd Branch, Piotr Mirowski, Kory Mathewson theatre, improvisation, immersive, multilingual, interactive
Platforms of contemplation in times of confinement: a philosophicophysiological reflection Alessia Pannese Zhuang Zhou, COVID-19, isolation, connection, digital platforms, virtues, human body, Aristotle
Post(?) Pandemic Prose Søren Bro Pold, Scott Rettberg, Anna Nacher pandemic, COVID-19, exhibition
Repetition and Defamiliarization in AI Dungeon and Project December Alex Mitchell repetition, defamiliarization, artificial intelligence, text generation
Scripting Observable with RiScript Daniel C. Howe RiTa, Observable, programming, platform
Solving the Babylonian Confusion: an Encyclopedia for Interactive Digital Narrative Hartmut Koenitz, Mirjam Eladhari, Sandy Louchart, Frank Nack vocabulary, encyclopedia, interactive digital narrative
Spaces Speak: (RE)VERB an Emerging Space for E-Lit Creations Andrew Demirjian augmented reality, Audio AR, locative media, zine, mobile apps
Subject-making and aesthetics of data practices Olga Goriunova subjectivity, aesthetics, machine learning, poetics
TabLit: Theorizing, Teaching and Preserving a Platform-Specific eLit Jason Boyd tablet computers, Apple, preservation, digital preservation
Taper #5: Pent Up constraint, generative, poetry, COVID-19
The App is not the Territory: Writing to the edge of Platformism Karen Ann Donnachie, Andy Simionato platformism, digital platforms, manifesto, automatic text generation
The Art Object in a Post-Digital World: Some Artistic Tendencies in the Use of Instagram María Goicoechea post-digital aesthetics, Dematerialization, instagram, post digital, mixed reality
The Fugue * book: when platforms don’t let us escape literature Oreto Domenech, Anton Ferret Baig platforms, mashup, narrative, electronic literature, digital literature, digital age, rhetorical figure
The Generated Word: Metonymic, Generic and Operationalist Zach Whalen computer-generated books, NaNoGenMo, print
The Paradox of Electronic Literature in the Classroom: The Challenges for New Literacy Practices within the Platformized School Michael Schlauch education, classroom, electronic literature, digitalization, teaching
The Time Travel Agency's The Algorithm of Donated Dreams Jocelyn Ibarra computational poetry, DAOstack, speculative futures, dreams
Transformative Reading and Writing Synthetic Archives with Language Models Jonathan Gallagher transformative reading interface, generative text, transformers, neural-networks, significant otherness, making kin, technotexts, combinatorial poetry
Unseen Hands: On the Gendered Design of Virtual Assistants and the Limits of Creative AI Lai-Tze Fan AI, virtual assistants, gender, design
Utterings: Toward a Supra-Semiotic Telepresent Communication Andanconnerdercu's Utterings, Annie Abrahams, Curt Cloninger, Daniel Pinheiro, Constança Carvalho Homem, Nerina Cocchi, Derek Piotr auditory exchange, human - machine entanglement, unheeded processes
Variations in Literature: A Multimodal Analysis of Dissimilar Versions of the Tale “Little Red Riding Hood” Iqra Khurshid, Sarwet Rasul multimodal analysis, multimodal text, electronic literature, modes, Little Red Riding Hood
Virtualizing Material Games Jack Murray, Nick Lalone, Christopher Maraffi
Virtualizing Material Games Jack Murray, Nick Lalone, Christopher Maraffi games, game design, game studies, Human Computer Interaction, Analog Games, Board Games, digital games, video games, XR, AR, Extended reality, augmented reality, pandemic, play, adaptation, remediation, affect theory, Association Mapping, narrative games, narrative, Material Play, Virtual Play
What Do We Call This? Bronwin Patrickson transmedia, hybridity, augmented reality, digital storytelling, mobile storytelling
WritePods: Write-Reader Interaction to Engage Platforms Opening Destinations Deena Larsen, Julianne Chatelain writers workshops, works-in-progress, reader reaction, user experience, UX, UI
‘AN INTERNET BARD AT LAST!!!’: The Positive and Perverse Power of Alt-Lit Poet Steve Roggenbuck Leah Henrickson video poetry, YouTube, alt-lit, digital media, digital cultures, #MeToo
‘Lost water! Remains Scape?’: Transformation Waterscapes in Coimbatore from past to present through digital poetry Shanmugapriya T, Deborah Sutton digital poetry, 2D and 3D environment, environmental humanities, digital humanities, waterscape
‘Pandemic and Protest, Revolution and Reflection: The Online Manifesto in 2020-2021’ Julian Hanna manifesto, digital activism
“Beyond Range of Air”: The Story Behind the 30-Year Deferred Publication of William H. Dickey’s HyperPoems Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Deena Larsen, Andrew Ferguson, Susan Tracz Dickey, hypercard, e-poetry, preservation, emulation, recovery, LGBTQ
“Let my readers go”: Freedom, the ‘post-’, electronic ‘literature’ Clara Chetcuti post-literary, reading, freedom, sartre, Hight, Anna Anthropy, Dinsmore

ELO2021 Opening - 25 May

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