Taper #5: Pent Up

Abstract (in English): 

Each issue of Taper is edited by a collective. Editing and production is done in coordination with The Trope Tank at MIT, a laboratory directed by Bad Quarto proprietor and publisher Nick Montfort. Taper is not officially associated with MIT or hosted on an MIT server, however.

For the fifth issue, the editorial collective consisted of Kyle Booten, Angela Chang, Leonardo Flores, Judy Heflin, and Milton Läufer. 

A constraint was established: the core part of each poem—the HTML on the page after the header—could be no more than a tiny 2KB (2048 bytes). Members of the editorial collective recused themselves from discussion of their own submissions. The collective works independently of the publisher to make selections. We thank Sebastian Bartlett for his help in managing the template.

The work in this fifth issue is written in HTML5, using ES6. It has been tested and found to work properly on current Firefox and Chrome/Chromium browsers across current platforms, as well as on Mac OS X Safari; everything does not work on Edge and iOS Safari.

We encourage readers to view the source code (Ctrl/Command + U) in order to read the artists’ statements as well as the code itself. Be creative when exploring the pieces; some of them are interactive, which you can discover through experimentation or by reading the source code. We invite remixes of published Taper works in future issues.

(Source: Taper #5: Pent Up)

Contents (Creative Works):

Work title Author
A Storm in 2K J. R. Carpenter
Monde instable Yohanna Joseph Waliya

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