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Understanding Bots Allison Parrish, Matt Schneider, Tobi Hahn, Zach Whalen Conference panel or roundtable
WordHack Anthology: 2014-2019 Todd Anderson Anthology of creative work or online gallery, Book (collection) English generator, literature, poetry, word game, creative language, language and technology, academic papers, experimental performances
Studies in literature and science
Divides in the Post-Print Classroom? Bringing Critical Social Research Methods to the Fore Theresa Hunt Conference paper or presentation post-print, university, classroom, pedagogy research, students, enviroment, digital reading
A New ‘Gospel of the Three Dimensions’: Expanding the Boundaries of Digital Literature Lisa Swanstrom Chapter 05: Critical Ecologies After Posthumanism
Reapprasing Word Processing Matthew G. Kirschenbaum Conference paper or presentation
Series Q
Session 4.3 Emergent Media Alex Saum-Pascual, Jim Bizzocchi, Arne Eigenfeldt, Philippe Pasquier, Miles Thorogood, Elizabeth Losh, Shane Denson
World of Art
Digital Labor and the Antropocene McKenzie Wark
Interview with Porpentine, author of Howling Dogs Emily Short Article on the author's website English interactive fiction computer game, hypertext game, twine
The ‘Thinking’ Machine Christopher Strachey
Does E-literature need a theory of language? Jerome Fletcher Conference paper or presentation
I Read Because It is Absurd Birger Vanwesenbeeck Article or chapter in a book Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review. Volume 2 English postmodernism, pynchon
A Critical Look at E-Lit John Thomas Murray, Agnieszka Przybyszewska Conference panel or roundtable
The Margins of Bookishness: Paratexts in Digital Literature Yra van Dijk Examining Paratextual Theory and its Applications in Digital Culture
Life Experience through Digital Simulation Narratives David Nuñez Ruiz Conference paper or presentation
Really Really Long Works Aden Evens Conference paper or presentation
Electronic Mediations Series English
Theory and History of Literature Series
Polish Impact Aleksandra Małecka, Piotr Marecki, Katarzyna Giełżyńska, Monika Górska Olesińska, Mariusz Pisarski, Kaja Puto, Zenon Fajfer Book (collection) English Polish e-lit, Polish experimental literature, brochure
Зачем я играю в "Сонетник" Justas Article on the author's website Russian creative environments, collective writing, sonnet, poetry generators
Fabrikverkauf. Die Familienbande Johannes Auer Conference paper or presentation English, German
140 Characters in Search of a Story: Twitterfiction as an Emerging Narrative Form Thomas Bronwen Article or chapter in a book English
E-Literary Text in Nomadic Cockpit Janez Strehovec Conference paper or presentation English e-literature, new media art, mobile media, locative media, activism, tactical biopolitics, zoom narrative, reality
Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture Henry Jenkins
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
Five Elements of Digital Literature Noah Wardrip-Fruin Article or chapter in a book Reading Moving Letters: Digital Literature in Research and Teaching English
Internet and Digital Textuality: A Deep Reading of 10:01 Mehdy Sedaghat Payam Article or chapter in a book The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature English
The Digital Autobiographic: Holes, by Graham Allen Graham Allen Interview
Nowe zjawiska w języku, tekście i komunikacji IV. Metafory i amalgamaty pojęciowe Book (collection) Polish Erik K Rzepka Weblog
A Critic at Large Article in an online journal English
Street Ghosts: Surveillance & The Unrepresentable Ali Rachel Pearl Article (other medium)
Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft
Session 5.1 Subversive Texts Sandy Baldwin, Davin Heckman, Michael Rabby, Reham Hosny Conference panel or roundtable
On Reading 300 Works of Electronic Literature: Preliminary Reflections Joseph Tabbi Article in an online journal English
Chapter 01: Histories of the Future (& Now) Article or chapter in a book Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review. Volume 2
Preserving Literature through Documenting Readers’ Experience: The Pathfinders Project Dene Grigar Conference paper or presentation
Authors & texts Angelica Huizar, Joel Katelnikoff, Élika Ortega, Mia Zamora Conference panel or roundtable
Shuffle Literature and the Hand of Fate Zuzana Husárová, Nick Montfort
Meta for Meta's Sake Melinda White Conference paper or presentation
A Dutton paperback
The Closed World, Databased Narrative and Network Effect Mark Sample Conference paper or presentation
You’ve never experienced a novel like this”: Time and Interaction when reading TOC Allison Gibbons
Avant-Garde & Modernism Collection
The Man in the Stretcher Kennet Bernard