Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digital en Español

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We would like to present “Ciberia”, a collection of electronic literature works in Spanish, housed in OdA, a learning objects’ repository of the University Complutense of Madrid. We will showcase some of its most representative literary works as we revise the process of the collection’s creation. The presentation will cover aspects such as the criteria used for the selection of works, the elaboration of Ciberia’s bibliographic card, the process of metadata cleaning and reconciliation with other collections of the Linked Data cloud, and Ciberia’s research and pedagogical functions. Finally, we will discuss some of the peculiarities of Hispanic electronic literature’s modes of creation and reception that the collection has made visible.

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Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digital en Español Universidad Complutense, LEETHI Research Group, Ciberia Project

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Sumeya Hassan