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Textual entanglements: a performative approach towards digital literature Richard A Carter
Experimental Poetics of the Asian Diaspora: Readings in Meatspace and Cyberspace Sunny S.Y. Chan
Digital Literary Arts - Scandinavian E-Texts: Criticism, Theory, and Practice Melissa Lucas
Lit Mods Álvaro Seiça
Eccentric Peninsular: The Cornish Coast as a site for Deconstruction in Intermedia Poetry David Devanny
From the cafè to tweet: digital Literature as global literature. Positioning of digital literature in Spanish. Ana Lucía Cuquerella Jiménez-Díaz
The Turn on Literature Prize 2017
The Turn on Literature Prize 2019
The Book of Kells Samantha Gorman
The Spectral Dollhouse Jilly Dreadful
A Modern Ghost AltSalt Publishing, Ricardo Morales
The “Répertoire Des Ėcrivaines Et Ėcrivains Numériques”. Archiving And Institutionalization Of Digital Literature Enrico Agostini Marchese, Servanne Monjour, Marcello Vitali-Rosati
Avoiding the digital insanity: the attachment to constructivism in Brazilian literature Andréa Catrópa
Narratologize it, Don’t Criticize it: feat. With Those We Love Alive David Ciccoricco
Populist Modernism: Printed Instagram Poetry and the Literary Highbrow Kathi Inman Berens
Virtual Reality Literature: Examples and Potentials Mez Breeze
#ELRPROMO: “Other Codes / Cóid Eile: Digital Literature in Context” Anne Sofia Karhio
Literatuur op het Scherm
Poetic fingerprints: digital literature’s countercultural and metamedial integration of vision and touch Diogo Marques
Grasp All, Lose All: Loss of Grasp and Non-Functional Digital Interfaces in Electronic Literature Diogo Marques
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