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English Versification for the Billion: Translating the Early Latin Poetry Generator "Artificial Versifying" (1677) Kaeden Berg, Henry Koelling, James Ryan
A Platform to Come - Transcreating Deleuze's Bergsonism Brent Cox
Salon 2: March 2, 2020: A “reariting” centered on “Extra-terrestrial Rhetoric”, a multimedia text by Lily Robert-Foley. Annie Abrahams
Salon 1: A Discussion of a Nika Skandiaka Poem and Reading "Electronically" Kirill Azernyi
from estranger to e-stranger Annie Abrahams
White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares Loss Pequeño Glazier
Dissecting Characters: A Typology of Chinese Characters in Text-based Playable Media Yue-Jin Ho
Translating Electronic Literature: A Few Conclusion, Methodologies and Insights María Mencía, John Cayley, Arnaud Regnauld, Søren Bro Pold, Gabriel Tremblay-Gaudette
Se souvenir des morts John F. Barber
Renderings (poster) Piotr Marecki
Przekład konceptualny Piotr Marecki, Aleksandra Małecka
Nick Montfort’s World Clock and its Polish translation Zegar światowy – a case study Piotr Marecki, Aleksandra Małecka
Renderings: Translating literary works in the digital age Piotr Marecki, Nick Montfort
Back to the Book: Tempest and Funkhouser’s Retro Translations Jeneen Naji
A Brief History of Loss David Hall
Translating the Untranslatable Penny Florence
Translations - Translating, Transducing, Transcoding
Algorithmic Adaptations – Writing With and Against the Intelligent Machine Otso Huopaniemi
Sample Automatic Poem Félix Remírez
Garaż w Tokio Scott Rettberg
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