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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Escape: A Game Anthony B. L. Smith 2020 08.06.2020 interactive fiction, links, choose your own adventure, escape room
Corporate Poetry Alex Saum-Pascual 2020 08.10.2020 corporate discourse, surveymonkey, survey
Camtasia Fantasy Jeff Morris 2020 08.10.2020 electroacoustic, glitch, misreading, music, sound art
Amazing Quest Nick Montfort 2020 16.10.2020 interactive fiction, BASIC, minimal, procedural generation
Scrolling Landscapes Eddie Lohmeyer 2020 05.09.2020 art and video, colors, surreal
Ecology of Worries Catilin Foley, Misha Rabinovich 2020 04.09.2020 machines, AI, collective reality, machine learning, sentient machines.
Content Moderator Sim Mark Sample 2020 15.06.2020 horror, twine, facebook
Flight of the CodeMonkeys Mark C. Marino 2020 02.10.2020 code, critical code studies, AI, parody
Ring Camera Pandemic Log Mark Sample 2020 25.06.2020 virus, surveillance, pandemic, coronavirus, slice-of-life
Retelling The Tell-Tale Heart Kenton Taylor Howard 2020 04.09.2020 interactive, Edgar Allan Poe, mixed reality, poetry, murder-mystery
Around Osprey Valerie LeBlanc, Daniel H. Dugas 2020 04.09.2020 vimeo, video poetry, art and video projects
@TinyKorczak (Twitterbot) Yohanna Joseph Waliya 2020 16.05.2020
Objects (series) Liliana Vasques 2020 08.10.2020 domestic violence, digital poems, constitutional rights, prejudice, sexual identity, social roles
Cosmonet Games Martzi Campos, Sean Bloom 2020 04.09.2020 digital games, branching path, digital art, buzzfeed, quiz, Russia, cold war
Dial Lai-Tze Fan, Nick Montfort 2020 08.10.2020 computer generated poem
Here Comes Her Man Logan K. Young 2020 08.10.2020 gender, music, narrative
Quarters Derek Beaulieu, Nick Montfort 2020 16.10.2020 visual poem
Tape Mark 3 Daniele Giampà 2020 04.09.2020
Petscii Jetscii Nick Montfort, Jesper Juul 2020 16.10.2020
Say Their Names John Barber 2020 06.07.2020
Mexicans in Canada Amira Hanafi 2020 04.09.2020 poetry, electronic literature, javascript
Prism Portraits Laura Okkema, Rachel Nicole Winter, Eric Arthur Murnane 2020 16.09.2020 instagram, twitter, electronic collaboration, filters
Memorias Construidas (Constructed Memories) Vanessa Argueta 2020 08.10.2020 digital art, fiber, found material, textile
Digital Fiction Curios Andy Campbell, Judi Alston 2020 28.03.2020 digital archive, archive, Adobe Flash, virtual reality, digital installation, atmospheric, educational
WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS? (WAWLT) Melanie Dickinson, Max Kreminski, Michael Mateas, Noah Wardrip-Fruin 2020 04.09.2020 AI, digital story, collaboration, writing game
The Infinite Catalog of Crushed Dreams Mark Sample 2020 25.06.2020 covid, coronavirus, pandemic, virus, infinite, list
Stromatolite Stuart Moulthrop 2020 08.10.2020 Google, interactive web, haunted media, dream
Magpiiie Andy Campbell, Judi Alston 2020 15.07.2020 audio poems, dark, interactive web, emotional, natural world
Adventures in Morality: An Interactive Case Study Daniel Roche 2020 04.09.2020 story, Cybil, AiM, Sympathy, Beings, Persons, Humans
Climatophosis Yohanna Joseph Waliya 2020 09.10.2020 climate change
Room #3, from The Offline Website Project Alex Saum-Pascual 2020 18.09.2020
Sonnet Corona Nick Montfort 2020 16.06.2020
In the Middle of the Room Jeff Morris, Elisabeth Blair 2020 04.09.2020 video poem, sampling, improvisation, digital concrete poetry, live electronics
The Singularity Jiewen Wang 2020 04.09.2020 machine learning, big data, face tracking, surveillance, news feed, AI, webcam, algorithms, online privacy, data collection, eye-tracking, Technological Singularity
Electronic Literature Support Group (netprov) Hannah Ackermans 2020 26.02.2020 netprov, electronic literature, empathy, feedback, psychology, media archeology, reading practices, teaching, caricature, funny
Grip’s Evermore and Other (Word) Landscapes Hilda Daniel 2019 16.11.2019 echo and echolallia, landscape, women sigh, text horizons, Tom's All Alone, hybrid language, shared isolation
Infillers Nick Montfort 2019 16.06.2020
Sustaining Digital Vitalism: A Live Stream Traversal Michael J. Maguire, Dene Grigar, Stuart Moulthrop, Michael J. Maguire, John F. Barber, Greg Philbrook 2019 25.11.2019 YouTube, data vitalism, elo 209, social media, scalar platform
Tale of a Great Sham(e Text) Claire Fitch 2019 18.11.2019 feminism, electronic text, voice, computer, interactive
Homosalus Yohanna Joseph Waliya 2019 25.06.2019
Ring™ Log Mark Sample 2019 28.10.2019 surveillance, satire, Ring, NextDoor, Halloween, speculative computing
ZeroDeath Yohanna Joseph Waliya 2019 27.08.2019 digital poem, art, HTML, animation
Kulaktan kulağa, Chinese whispers, or Arabic telephone Betül Aksu 2019 11.11.2019 short story, photograph, machine translation, interactive, game
Las Barricadas Misteriosas Edouard Beau 2019 12.11.2019 civil war, documentary photography, pure data system, personal research, innovative
A Plague Tale: Innocence 2019 12.11.2019 video game, action, adventure, horror, stealth, narrative game, plague, female protagonist, story rich
“hearing litoral voices / bearing literal traces”: Subliteral Narratives John Cayley, Joanna Howard 2019 18.04.2020 digital language, art research, subliteral differences, font, aesthetic, critical reading, ambient literature
Seedlings_ Qianxun Chen 2019 12.11.2019 digital media installation, engine, ambient, generative, words, machine learning
Midst Annelyse Gelman 2019 18.11.2019 developing, rewound, poetics
Lines of Force Nick Montfort 2019 06.09.2019
option drag Andrew Demirjian 2019 18.11.2019 typography, tutorial. visual language, communication, digital poem, linguistic analysis, audio, language patterns
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