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Sen is based on the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The user is immersed in the traditional Japanese ritual, holding a black Raku tea bowl in the tea house called Tai-an, both national treasures of Japan. In the dimly lit room, the user encounters Sen, the spirit of tea born from the tea cup and unrevealing its relationship with the world as such. It is afraid to learn about the world but gradually finds joy in its existence through interacting with the environment and other similar beings. They find comfort in their connection and interaction and start to think about their relationship with others in a self-centred way. One day, their peaceful world is suddenly destroyed by an inferno. Having lost everything, Sen falls back into the tea bowl and dissolves into particles wandering in the universe. Like Sen, the users realise they are one with all beings in this world and are whisked back to the tea house Tai-an, where their nonchalant lives begin again.

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Venice Immersive 2023 - Sen

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Martijn Holtkamp