Remember This Place: 31°20’46’’N 34°46’46’’E

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Remember this place: 31°20’46”N 34°46’46”E explores the concept of a fragile home: one that has been continuously threatened in the physical world, yet continues to survive thanks to the determination of local women who fight daily to preserve their rights to the land. The story does not take place in one location. It does not have one protagonist. It is a journey across many homes, communities, and villages, where we encounter powerful Bedouin women who are activists, architects, artists, and poets working tirelessly to preserve their homes, culture, and histories from being erased.
Along the way, these women became key collaborators in the project. Together we visited various Bedouin communities that have been threatened with demolition or displacement, in order to record personal memories, digitize communities, and homes across the region, so that they can be remembered in the collective imagination. This VR experience weaves together fragments of spaces, personal memories, and visions of the future to create a virtual universe that speaks to the universal longing for “Home”.

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Venice Immersive 2023 - Remember This Place

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Martijn Holtkamp