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Body of Mine allows you to experience gender dysphoria by inhabiting the body of another gender. Combining body, face, and eye tracking that allows you to completely transform into someone else with real audio interviews of trans individuals, this full-body VR experience takes you on an intimate exploration of gender, identity, and what it means to be a human being.

With the rise in hate crimes, transphobia, and anti-trans legislation, we stand at the forefront, using immersive technology as a tool for empathy and understanding. We believe full immersion has the potential to radically transform hearts and minds. Body of Mine is an embodiment of this belief. Within the privacy of a headset, gender queer individuals are able to explore their gender in a way that may not be safe in the real world, while cisgender audiences can more intimately and deeply connect to trans interviews. We seek to build a safe space for connection, exploration, and transformation, when a safe space in the real world can be hard to find.

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Venice Immersive 2023 - Body of Mine

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Martijn Holtkamp