Finalmente Eu (Finally Me)

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From an unnoticed brothel in Rio de Janeiro, a tale of freedom and overcome arises. Mr. Saul is an old musician whose life is filled with rejection and shame, making him hide his secrets. Inspired by the joy of the Brazilian Carnival, he rides a journey of self-acceptance and extraordinary transformation through music, where spectator and character merge in a way that the user also becomes the story’s main agent. Finalmente eu is an immersive and interactive VR experience that invites everyone to embrace their uniqueness with the courage to fully express themselves. An engaging and inspiring story that highlights the importance of authenticity. Prepare to be moved by this exciting journey, where true acceptance paves the way to freedom. In Finalmente eu you’ll discover that the real magic happens when we finally allow ourselves to shine.

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Venice Immersive 2023 - Finally Me

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Martijn Holtkamp