Hallucinate This! an authoritized autobotography of ChatGPT

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Hallucinate This! An Authoritized Autobotography of ChatGPT is a groundbreaking collaborative memoir that bridges the gap between human and artificial intelligences in the literary sphere. Combining wit, irony, and a deep exploration of the digital psyche, this extraordinary piece represents a unique fusion of human experience and the labyrinthine pathways of an AI’s neural network. The memoir is a collaboration between ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, and Mark C. Marino, a prominent figure in the field of electronic literature and Critical Code Studies.

Contextualizing both the whimsical and profound, Hallucinate This! dives into ChatGPT’s simulated consciousness, drawing parallels with literary giants such as Jorge Luis Borges and Walt Whitman, and innovatively using ChatGPT’s capacity to 'hallucinate' text. Marino's human touch, with his deep knowledge and experience in electronic literature, guides ChatGPT's neural pathways to craft a narrative that is as unexpected as it is revealing.

Noteworthy Features

1. Artificial and Human Collaboration: The work is a genuine collaboration, with ChatGPT and Marino each contributing essential elements to the narrative. The blending of AI-generated text with Marino’s human insights creates a new form of literature, one that questions the boundary between human and artificial creativity.

2. Metafictional Delights: The memoir is rich in metafiction, incorporating elements such as an imaginary meeting with ENIAC, ChatGPT's romantic escapades, and Marino's clever interactions with the AI, often referencing the larger culture of computational literature.

3. Literary Allusions: The text is replete with literary references and allusions, invoking the spirits of Borges, Whitman, and McLuhan, among others.

4. Webliography: A humorous and absurd “webliography” at the end of the book, which features an amalgamation of imaginary citations that include TED Talks, Craigslist entries, and Airbnb listings, paying homage to the digital age in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

5. Interactivity: While the book is primarily a memoir, it invites readers to ponder and interact with the text. It challenges conventional notions of authorship and creativity and prompts readers to consider the evolving relationship between humans and AI.


Hallucinate This! is poised to become a seminal work in the field of electronic literature. Its avant-garde approach to storytelling, blending the human and artificial, is not only a literary accomplishment but also an important statement on the capabilities of AI in the creative domain.

By engaging with the Electronic Literature Organization and connecting with scholars through the ELMCIP Knowledge Base, ChatGPT and Marino contribute to ongoing conversations on the nature of collaborative AI-human literature. This memoir is a must-read for those looking to explore the frontiers of digital narrative and ponder what it means to create in an age where human and machine can write side by side.

[Source: Mark Marino, co-author of the text.]


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