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Legends tell a story that life after death depends on passing an ultimate test on a mysterious island populated by stone titans. The island is said to hold the key to a mystical power whose secrets must be unlocked to free the souls of the lost.
[Between Two Worlds] Your soul seems to be wandering in the in-between and a passage will only open if you pass the ultimate test. It is on a mysterious island and within a new body that you will pass this test.
[Ascension] Despite your apparent weakness, you must survive the tidal wave that is about to submerge the island to earn your salvation. Observe and uncover the secrets of the island and its stones filled with memories. Cooperate with your fellow survivors to reach the heights of the island.
[You are not alone] The island hides mechanisms and puzzles that will help you progress. Don’t underestimate yourselves: your strength lies in your unity.

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Martijn Holtkamp